What are the star brands such as Paris and why they have played the “local flavor marketing”?

and not long ago, the tea flavour and taste marketing also made a lot of attention. In order to promote the new products, Xi tea produced an advertisement video of restoring ancient and local flavor sand sculptures. “Landline” picture quality, 4:3 color TV, 50 cents special effect and thick broadcast cavity make people feel like they are in the TV shopping advertisement many years ago.

one after another, the village chicken conference, the five ancient fences, the coconut tree brand and the coconut juice are always unchanged. The local flavor packaging, the local flavor copycat and the local flavor video have triggered the public’s attention and discussion.

“local flavor”, which once made the brand avoid offbeat labels, is now popular among the public on the Internet. It has become a culture and even a marketing tool.

can’t help but wonder: obviously, brands are shouting consumption escalation, what is the way to go, but why do they love “local flavor marketing” now? What magic does it have?

when a marketing mode becomes mainstream, the cultural background corresponding to it should not be ignored. The rise of local flavor marketing cannot do without the popularity of the local flavor culture under the help of short video platform and webcast.

local flavor culture is a kind of network culture that is popular with webcast platforms. This kind of cultural style is diversified, often more grounded and easier to close the distance with users. Tiktok Kwai,

, for example, in the fast hand circle, “give me giaogiao” GIAO elder brother, the fire at B station “oli” to Uncle Huang Chun Sheng, in the sound of the explosion of fire, “good Yo” Mao Mao, because micro-blog hot search red “eyebrow way” Xiao Wu.

in addition to these circles of soil net red, as well as provocative soil love words, brainwashing of the local flavor of divine comedy, the spread of a wide range of soil video, they all have a certain flavor of soil. < / P > < p > in 2017, almost everyone was yelling: “I’m drunk when I’m drunk, and I’m a couple when I’m drunk”; in 2019, it’s the hottest rap Divine Song of the year, and no one is brainwashed by “draw a dragon with me on the left and a rainbow on the right”; In 2019, the ten catchwords “I am too difficult” came out of the Kwai Tu video, because the image expressed the psychological state of people facing work and life, and was rapidly spread.

tiktok, with the rise of the voice, the fast hand and the webcast, provides the platform for the grassroots to express themselves on the Internet. When the grassroots culture of the local grassroots video, the Kwai Ma, the social swing and other minority groups enter the public view, the influence of the grass root class’s discourse power gradually expands, and the “local flavor culture” has a broader soil and mass foundation. After seeing the popularity of the local flavor culture,

brand began to use the key word “local flavor” to explore the marketing of local flavor, and turn the marketing of local flavor into a popular trend of brand marketing. < / P > < p > the first and second tier cities represent the future and opportunities. They attract the most capital and surround the most mainstream consumer groups. However, with the development of mobile Internet, the existing market dividend has gradually peaked, and those young people living in third and fourth tier cities or small towns are digesting the huge consumer market.

down to earth, with humorous and funny color, especially local flavor video, can attract the attention of users in the sinking market, mobilize the emotional G-spot of young people, and let them grow grass by brand. Because it’s so close to the user’s life that everyone feels able to participate. < p > < p > with the growing up of “small town youth”, the sinking market has become a new “flow pool”. As a result, the marketing direction of brands has also changed. The solidification and saturation of the upper audience make the “sinking market” become the focus of attention of brands, and the “youth of small towns” of the third and fourth tier have also become the main target of the brand to attack the sinking market.

when a brand’s advertisement presents an advanced sense, it has already opened up the distance between the brand and the public, and establishes the upward relationship between the consumer and the brand.

, when a brand becomes flavour, although it will give consumers a kind of “ugly” guidance, it will also give consumers a vague sense of familiarity, so as to narrow the brand and the user’s feelings. Feeling the distance makes the emotional communication and dialogue between the two more smooth. In the era of attention economy, brands can no longer simply move consumers from the product level, endow the brand with additional value concept and emotional connotation, establish the “people who understand the user” of the brand, and trigger the emotional resonance of consumers for the brand, so as to establish the long-term trust of users on the brand. With the change of Internet, generation Z has become the mainstream consumer group. They hate to be labeled, they are self-centered, flaunting their personality, and like to challenge authority. < / P > < p > is the same with aesthetics. In fact, many people support Wang Ju, who is in the middle of the fire, not only supports her personally, but also supports a diversified aesthetic. The approval of these contents is also the embodiment of this generation’s “rebellious resistance”.

, they gradually become aesthetic fatigued over the “delicate aesthetic culture” that has spread. So the content of “Qing Qi” represented by the local flavor culture has become a new demand. The

culture has a dilution and Deconstruction of the mainstream culture, challenging the American Standard of aesthetic standards established by mainstream media, and expressing and publicizing the diverse personalities of different groups. These are very suitable for the young generation’s psychological needs of “not taking the unusual path”.

whether it is the local flavor expression bag or the local flavor song, with the real life breath and the expression of down to earth, satisfies their real spiritual demand, let everyone find a outlet to vent their emotions.

and the sense of freshness and contrast brought about by the local flavor itself also brings about its own topic, triggering people’s own propagation. Just like the Alipay’s local poster, it triggered widespread comment from netizens. As a result, brands began to strive to cater to the aesthetic and preferences of young people.

, the world’s eye catching, must be scarce. When the market is all the same, the “local flavor marketing” talent shows itself. In the limelight, the loss outweighs the gain.

sells the local flavor to the market. Some brands rely on the “local flavor marketing” to win the consumers, and then turn the salted fish to the red. But some brands regard vulgar as a local flavor, which leads to a turnover in the sewer, and the gains are not worth the candle. The “local flavor marketing” is a double-edged sword, which can be used well to detonate the topic; if it is not used well, it will backfire.

many brands aim to harvest traffic, cater to the content consumption preferences of the audience, and begin to walk the local flavor line in marketing, but in fact, not all brands are suitable for publicity with the content of “local flavor”.

“ground flavor marketing” landing must fully consider its brand positioning and tonality. If the brand does not recognize its own positioning, blindly follow suit will only make consumers unacceptable, often counterproductive.

luxury Dior was once mockery of a local flavor advertisement. The advertising style of TV shopping and Taobao model show the way of users to call “not as good as Taobao online red shop”. This advertisement has made Dior lose its brand style, and its image of luxury brand in people’s mind has also been greatly reduced.

“local flavor marketing” is not a fig leaf for vulgar marketing. The brand can not use the local flavor marketing for the sake of traffic volume. It does not use the local flavor marketing to pull the brand image into the bottom. < / P > < p > for example, the former coconut milk brand, with the slogan “I’ve been drinking since I was a child” and the poster pictures of sexy beauties, have been questioned by the public as soft pornographic edge ball advertisements. They are not only vulgar, but also have false propaganda, which has greatly reduced the reputation of this classic domestic brand. No matter what kind of marketing, the purpose is to export the value concept of the brand and convey the value point of the product, so as to strengthen consumer cognition and stimulate consumption.

however, in order to attract the attention of many brands, many brands have ignored the effective communication of brand appeal points. Just like Cadillac’s magic advertisement, Turkish flavor is possessed and possessed by magic, but it does not make consumers remember the characteristics of new cars.

, it is undeniable that the culture of local flavor is an indispensable part of the network entertainment culture. In the general public, the little sister who has seen adorable melon face and big long legs dance to sell the cross point of Meng, and the brand has become a common success in marketing. However, the loss outweighs the gain.

there is a reason behind the popularity of any marketing method. For the brand, the local flavor marketing has many advantages, but the local flavor is a temporary trend, not a permanent trend.

the out of the ordinary red marketing case also has its limitations in time and space. Many times, the spread of Tu Wei talent shows itself in winning the game, winning in the sense of novelty and contrast, and winning in a different way. If these characteristics are lost, it will be difficult to get rid of the same content.

, therefore, brand can not rely entirely on local flavor marketing. After all, brand should be aware of the other and recognize the charm of “local flavor” and use it for oneself. At the same time, we should always pay attention to the market, cater to the preferences of consumers, and explore a variety of marketing methods on the basis of a profound understanding of consumer needs, so that we can be invincible! Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia