What are the super new products of high cost performance mobile phones sweeping the cost performance battlefield

Recently, the cost-effective mobile phone has become the “favorite” in the market, especially many young people who have finished the college entrance examination. They want to experience 5g network, but don’t want to spend too much budget. So what are 5g cost-effective mobile phones? Recently, the feedback of the glory 30 Youth Edition was great, and everyone gave a good comment. This mobile phone was released on July 2, with a starting price of 1699 yuan. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this mobile phone, which can sweep the battlefield of cost performance.

glory 30 Youth Edition is the same as the previous youth series, with a young style in appearance. Even in the age of 5g, which is technically difficult, it has not compromised the appearance, attracting many users with fashion and fashion. The phone has a 6.5-inch screen, 90hz refresh rate and a slim body design. The size of the hand is just right, and the handle is light. It is completely different from the traditional 5g mobile phone. Its 90hz refresh rate can not only bring better visual effect in daily use, but also have excellent performance of 90 frames in supported games. As a 5000 yuan 5g mobile phone, its screen configuration is very high, worthy of high cost-effective mobile phone.

it can be called a cost-effective mobile phone, which means that this mobile phone must have “something special”. Glory 30 youth version of the outstanding in its camera, although positioning 1000 yuan 5g, but its camera is not inferior to the flagship model. The new product has a 48 million three camera lens in the rear, and also applies AI technology to the imaging system. Maybe a lot of people don’t understand AI. Artificial intelligence is relatively mature now, and it helps us in many ways. Take this mobile phone as an example. It has a camera with AI. It has intelligent scene recognition, intelligent background virtualization, super night scene, adaptive beauty and so on. All these powerful capabilities can not be separated from the help of AI. Therefore, this imaging system can bring flagship shooting experience, which is invincible in the same gear.

in the rapid development of 5g era, mobile phone hardware configuration determines whether it can comply with the trend. Glory 30 Youth Edition adopts high-performance chip, 7Nm process, 8-core CPU architecture and integrated 5g design, which provide strong performance guarantee for daily use. In terms of experience, this cost-effective mobile phone stands out in the same gear. It not only runs full frames in many mainstream games, but also ranks first in “fluency score”. So, whether you use it to surf the Internet or play games, this glorious new product can bring you a better experience.

the glory 30 Youth Edition uses many activities to prove its fashion concept, including co branding with QQ and “traveling around the world” with the camera. If you want to find a cost-effective mobile phone in the 5g market, then glory 30 Youth Edition will meet your wish. With the price of 5g mobile phone, you will have the experience of not losing the flagship. Science Discovery