What brand of laptop is good? Open the box to show you the word of mouth

Among many notebook computer manufacturers, the glory momentum as a new brand is becoming more and more strong, especially in the 3-5k price of lightweight books, the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version can definitely be regarded as a gear benchmark. Today brings you glory. After reading, don’t ask me what brand of laptop is good. Just choose glory. < / P > < p > the familiar packaging, simple design style, environment-friendly primary color carton and the product sketch of glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version give people a fresh feeling. < / P > < p > the package contains a notebook body, a portable charger with a maximum power of 65W and a data cable with a type-C interface. This charger, which is smaller than the palm of the hand, can also be used for super fast charging of mobile phones and tablets. Xiaobian likes to soak in the library on weekends. This multi-purpose design is very considerate. < / P > < p > lift up the screen and you can see that the screen of this glory magicbook Pro is much larger than the ordinary 15.6-inch screen. It is equipped with an ideal 16.1-inch screen, with only 4.9mm left and right borders on the top, making the screen account for 90%. When playing games or watching videos, there is a clearer screen display, which is the gospel of big screen fans. < / P > < p > see the glory magic book again The C side of the pro Ruilong version uses a keyboard that supports three-level backlight adjustment, so we can easily see the letters on the keyboard when the lights are not on at night and the weather is dark. The two in one button of fingerprint power supply saves the steps of inputting the password when we turn on the machine, and the fingerprint identification can be completed when we turn on the machine. There are two speakers on both sides of the keyboard, which makes the two-way display when we watch the video The sounder effect is very impressive to meet your audio-visual needs. < / P > < p > the hidden camera is also preserved in the glory magicbook Pro Ruilong version. The hidden camera is located between F6 and F7, and it can pop up by pressing the button when using. This design can not only protect our privacy, but also shorten the width of the screen border. In terms of processor, ryzen 7 4800h standard voltage processor of glory magicbook Pro Ruilong is specially designed for high-performance notebook, and its performance is comparable to that of desktop platform. High energy mode is also added to the glory Magic Book Pro, which can be turned on by FN + P. after the high-energy mode is turned on, the processor performance will be released completely, even if running 3A big work, it will be effortless. < / P > < p > in terms of multi screen collaboration, the glory magicbook Pro Reebok continues this proud feature. Multi screen system is one of my favorite functions. This function breaks through the barriers between windows and Android from the bottom of the system, and realizes the seamless cooperation between PC and mobile phone. When using, we only need to turn on the NFC function of the glory mobile phone and put the mobile phone close to the magic link label of the Ruilong version of the glory Magic Book Pro to realize the interconnection between the mobile phone and the computer. < / P > < p > with this feature, we can use the keyboard and mouse of the computer as peripheral devices of the mobile phone. In the document editing scene, we only need to paste the text in the mobile phone directly to the computer through the shared clipboard; when inserting the picture, we can open the mobile phone album on the computer and insert it into the document directly by dragging and dropping. < / P > < p > in general, the configuration of glory magicbook Pro is quite excellent in the same gear, and the performance of AMD Ruilong 7 4800h standard pressure processor is greatly improved compared with other processors in the same gear. Glory magicbook Pro is not a simple stack of hardware, but also has a great improvement in software and teaching. < / P > < p > the above is the opening of the Ruilong version of glory Magic Book Pro. For the question of what brand of laptop is good, don’t ask, ask is glory! Continue ReadingStraight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865