What brand of mobile phone is the most reliable? Nokia’s No. 1 ranking is not about smashing walnuts

If you want to ask which brand of smartphone is the most reliable, it depends on what you define as reliable. If you want to judge from a solid point of view, the answer is obviously Nokia, which can smash walnuts. But if you think about software and security updates, manufacturing quality, and corporate recommendations, the answer is Nokia. < / P > < p > although today’s Nokia smartphones are not the original ones, the Nokia Series smartphones built by HMD global are the most trusted, and they surpass the industry average in terms of device durability, operating system and security update speed. This conclusion comes from the smartphone of counterpoint research. < / P > < p > counterpoint research also has certain influence and authority in the industry, especially many reports in the field of smart phones are cited and reported by professional media. For example, all eligible Nokia smartphones run the latest Android 10 mobile operating system. < / P > < p > for the comprehensive update of the system, in fact, it can show the manufacturer’s responsibility and attitude towards users from one level, instead of selling hardware to users. Currently, only oneplus plus mobile phones can compete with HMD Global’s Nokia, but there are only seven devices. < / P > < p > Samsung also has a high score in this respect. Currently, 89% of Galaxy series smart machines are running Android 10. Realme ranked fourth with 73%, ahead of competitors such as Xiaomi and Huawei. < / P > < p > in enterprise devices, HMD Global’s Nokia smartphone products also account for the largest share, in part because all its phones receive security patches every month. Oneplus is also close to perfection, with 90% of supported devices receiving monthly updates. < / P > < p > for Samsung and Huawei, the data are 22% and 29% respectively, which means that most of its smart machines are covered by quarterly patch plans. However, realme and Xiaomi have done better in this respect, with 2 / 3 smart machines receiving patches every month. At the end of < / P > < p > finally, the evaluation of hardware quality is still not possible. The test covers product firmness, drop / impact, fatigue / wear / scratch, high temperature / humidity / splash, as well as other qualitative and quantitative inspection standards. HMD global continues Nokia’s fine tradition with a series of test standards at a higher level in the industry. < / P > < p > this link is also very important, because as people use a mobile phone longer and longer, the software experience and hardware life are becoming more and more important. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?