What brand of tablet computer is good? This office skilful is far more powerful than expected

Many people buy tablets with the mentality of improving their work efficiency, but in the end, they only download a variety of video software to watch movies and TV. The productivity and entertainment brought about by the tablet have two endings: what brand of tablet is good? What kind of tablet computer can be truly used as a production tool? The glory tablet V6 was born from this. As the latest flagship tablet computer of glory, it has Kirin 985 flagship processor, supports 5g and WiFi 6 +, has multiple screen collaboration, intelligent split screen and other intelligent functions. It conforms to the user’s natural operation habits, and the more it is used, the better the productivity is. < / P > < p > the flagship chip Kirin 985 on the glory tablet V6 is built based on the 7Nm process, releasing more space for energy efficiency creation. The eight core architecture adopted by Kirin 985 is composed of one large core, three middle cores and three small cores, which has lower power consumption and stronger performance. In the 5g part, Kirin 985 supports NSA / SA dual architecture and TDD / FDD full band, bringing a smooth and fast 5g network experience. The chip uses 8-core mali-g77 GPU, combined with deep hardware and software optimization, and has stronger processing performance, image ability and AI ability. With 5g chips in daily office, wifi6 + technology, 160MHz super wide bandwidth and dynamic narrow bandwidth technology make network connection faster and signal more stable. Linkturbo technology makes the handover between cellular network and wireless network seamless, the speed of downloading files remains stable, and the office efficiency is higher. < / P > < p > glory tablet V6 creates smart split screen, parallel vision and other functions, and the multi screen collaborative function improves the horizontal screen ecosystem of Android Tablet. Intelligent split screen enables different software messages to be processed at the same time. The screen is divided into two parts, and the data can be viewed and the documents can be processed at the same time, and the efficiency is improved. Parallel world will separate the same software into two information streams on one screen. You can view the files in wechat and reply to the messages from the superior at the same time. Multi screen collaboration supports mobile phone screen to tablet interface. Photos, videos and documents in the mobile phone can be transferred to the tablet by dragging and dropping. Files can be sent without the help of third-party applications and data lines. The mobile phone can also be controlled directly on the tablet to reduce the tedious conversion between devices. Intelligent split screen, parallel view and multi screen collaboration are not conflicting functions, which can present three windows at the same time, making office convenient and fast. < / P > < p > from the visual point of view, the glory flat panel V6 adopts a 10.4-inch large screen, and the 7.9MM four-sided micro frame design makes the whole machine reach 84% of the screen proportion. The 2K high-definition large screen makes the office efficiency better, and deeply liberates the productivity of glory tablet V6. In terms of details, the screen pixel density reaches 225ppi, and it also supports 470nits brightness and 100% sRGB color gamut. Good screen quality makes the color more bright and vivid, and it is not easy to cause eye fatigue after working for a long time. In addition to its excellent screen quality, the glory tablet V6 also supports its own unique “sharp screen” display enhancement technology, presenting a more transparent and more detailed picture. From the auditory point of view, the glory flat plate V6 uses 4 speakers and 4-channel symmetrical design, with the independent research and development of histen 6.1 With 3D stereo sound technology, the sound can present the real effect of three-dimensional space. With the help of AI algorithm, the detail sound is enhanced, and the virtual bass of loudspeaker is enhanced. Compared with the ordinary dual channel stereo, the glory flat V6 can release a cleaner and pure 3D immersive sound effect. The online meeting effect is not inferior to that of the offline, and the enhanced auditory enjoyment makes the host’s voice more beautiful. What brand of tablet is good? Productivity before purchase and iqiyi after purchase has become history. The high configuration and diverse interaction of glory tablet V6 make even office work more interesting. To provide more efficient productivity for workers, the glory tablet V6 is more powerful than expected. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally