What brand of tablet is good? Omnipotent flat panel leads the trend revolution

Nowadays, the speed of electronic product renewal and iteration is very fast, and a variety of types and brands have appeared in the market. Tablet computers are loved by today’s young people by virtue of many advantages, such as lightweight and portable. So what brand of tablet computer is good and how to choose a suitable tablet among many brands has become a new topic. When choosing a tablet computer, you should first make clear your own budget. If you blindly follow the trend, you will only suffer from it. At present, tablets are divided into two camps: apple and Android. The price of Apple tablet is too expensive, and many small partners will not take Apple tablet as the first choice. In recent years, the Android camp has developed rapidly, and its performance configuration is no less than that of Apple tablet. < / P > < p > so what brand of tablet is good for Android camp? The tablet V6 released by glory has been deeply loved by consumers since its release, and has gained good reputation. Glory tablet V6 is the result of the successful application of the mature experience of the mobile phone market to the tablet computer. The glory tablet V6 adopts the full screen design style similar to the mobile phone, and the fourth-class border has excellent visual effect. The glory plate V6 is equipped with a 10.4-inch 2K high-definition screen, accounting for 84% of the screen. At the same time, the glory plate V6 supports 100% sRGB color gamut, which makes the graphics processing reach a new height, and the image details are clearly visible. Not only is the screen excellent, but also the glory of the flat V6’s face value is very awesome for the young consumers’ aesthetics, AG’s abrasive material makes it feel good, and it also has fingerprint proof, rear matrix camera, which is very small in the 10.4 inch fuselage, and the visual effect is very good. < / P > < p > in addition to creating trends in appearance, the glory tablet V6 is also very excellent in hardware. It is equipped with Qilin 985 integrated 5g processor, which is made of 7Nm process. The CPU architecture of 1 large core + 3 medium core + 4 small core and the brand-new 8-core mali-g77 GPU make the glory flat V6 have better performance in performance and energy efficiency. I personally experience the game performance of the glory flat-panel V6, don’t worry about dropping the line and losing the packet when playing the game. With the integrated 5g processor on the full screen, the game effect is very good. In addition, in terms of battery life, the glory tablet V6 is also very good. After about an hour of game time, the battery power dropped by 2%. < / P > < p > in addition, many functions of glory tablet V6 make this product very playable. Among them, the parallel view supports the double opening of the same application. Taking Taobao as an example, users can display the product information on the top and bottom pages in one screen, without switching back and forth in the same application, which saves a lot of time. The appearance of this function gives full play to the large screen features of tablet computers Quality makes up for the ecological deficiency of Android Tablet, which can be said to be a leap forward progress. Of course, there is still a very broad space for expansion of this function. Here is just a way to provide an idea, and we can create more ways to play after we start. < / P > < p > multi screen collaboration is the “traditional arts and crafts” that honor multiple generations of products. Users can efficiently handle office and entertainment between mobile phones and tablets, and transfer information across platforms. After two devices are connected, users can directly send files or photos to friends or another device, saving time and effort. Before this technology, we used to need to transfer photos Through the data line, it is very troublesome, and wechat transmission has the file size limit, which is very inconvenient. With the multi screen collaboration function, you can share happiness with multiple devices at any time. In addition, the wonderful operation that you want to record when playing the game can also be completed through the tablet. In addition, the connection between the two devices also greatly improves the speed of file transfer, which makes people sigh with the beauty of technology. Smart split screen is another major feature of this tablet. I believe many people have tried to imagine the scene of browsing Taobao while brushing the circle of friends. Smart split screen makes this idea come true. Students in online classes don’t have to look up at the video and look down at their notes. Smart split screen can let the two display on the same screen, greatly improving learning efficiency. What brand of tablet is good? In fact, as mentioned above, it is obvious that the domestic glory Huawei and other brand products are excellent enough. The price of the glory tablet V6 mentioned above is actually very user-friendly. At present, it only needs to be in the early 2000 yuan after the event, which really makes the smart life come into thousands of households. 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Author: zmhuaxia