What do you know about the four professional models? Understand their advantages and use them

Program auto exposure mode is “P mode”, which is a relatively primary shooting mode. This mode is very simple to operate, suitable for a variety of shooting occasions. After the program auto shooting mode is selected, the built-in parameters of the camera cannot be changed. The shutter, aperture and other parameters are all set by the camera automatically, so the imaging effect cannot be controlled actively. < / P > < p > in weak light environment, the full-automatic mode will automatically pop up the flash to fill the light. If the flash cannot be used due to the environment, it can be switched to this mode. However, due to the lack of light, it is easy to blur the image due to the vibration of the camera, so it is better to use a tripod for shooting, and the photographer can set the exposure size of the flash before shooting. < / P > < p > aperture priority mode, i.e. “mode a”, is designed to achieve the priority of aperture effect. This mode can realize the shooting by reducing the aperture or enlarging the aperture to pursue the blur effect. This mode is suitable for people, still life, scenery and other objects with high requirements for depth of field. In this mode, the camera sets the shutter speed according to the brightness of the scene. < / P > < p > shutter priority mode, i.e. “s / T mode”, is designed to achieve the priority of shutter speed. In this mode, the photographer simply sets the shutter speed and the camera automatically sets the aperture size. You can use a low-speed shutter to take a slightly blurred picture, or use a high-speed shutter to shoot a moving object very clearly. < / P > < p > full manual mode is “M mode”. The aperture and shutter speed are determined by the photographer himself, which is suitable for shooting fireworks and other effects. This mode requires higher professional photography knowledge and technology. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo