What does the English folder in the computer mean? One click Delete saves 10g of memory

Recently, my colleague Xiao Zhou and I complained that their computer has been used for a long time, and there is basically no space in disk C. when I click Open Disk C, all I see is English, and I don’t know which folder to delete. < / P > < p > in fact, there are a lot of important files in computer disk C, which can be deleted and can not be deleted. If I teach you to identify them clearly today, you can quickly clean up 10 g for the computer. Let’s have a look! < / P > < p > windows: the system folder contains important files, which cannot be deleted. AMD: special folder for video card. Drivers: drivers folder. Intel: processor folder. Program date: system folder, which mainly stores system programs and cannot be deleted. < / P > < p > the place where the temporary files of the computer are placed. These temporary files are generally time sensitive and will not be used after a certain period of time, and deleting the files will not affect the computer. When using system files or computer software, the log records folder will process the records, so some files can be deleted. < / P > < p > files are often updated automatically. The folder contains the installation package for automatic update, so the garbage in the folder can be cleaned up after the update. < / P > < p > statement: I share this tutorial in the hope that you can learn about information security and be vigilant! This course is only for teaching. It can’t be used for other purposes. I’m not responsible for it. Please know! Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”