What does the new world system look like? Originos gives the answer

Software experience is always the pain point of vivo mobile phone, and vivo has never avoided this problem. On the contrary, vivo has always tried new elements, hoping to find a balance between old users and new users. Since last year, the vivo team began to improve the use experience and interaction logic of funouchos. By this year’s vivo X50 series, the new funouchos 10 has solved a large number of underlying algorithms and optimization problems. At the same time, thanks to the long-term accumulation of local user habits, the new version of the system has also been optimized in a large number of basic functions. However, in the 5g era, vivo needs a more modern OS to satisfy the market, and originos has such a mission. It not only ends the history of funtouchos, but also brings vivo products to a new era with more personalized and independent aesthetics. < / P > < p > compared with the traditional interface with app icon as the core, originos has created a set of exclusive logical structure, which highlights the importance of “desktop” elements. At present, the smart phone desktop is more like a collection of application windows. It only has the storage function of application icons. If users need to check the content or use the corresponding functions, they need to jump in one app after another. < / P > < p > but originos obviously wants the desktop to return to its original functions: information display and function switching. Therefore, originos first abandoned the hierarchical logic of traditional OS. Vivo designers absorbed inspiration from Huarong Road. Each app has three different display modes: icon, horizontal and vertical, which can be arranged on the desktop with more aesthetic feeling. In addition, the newly added atomic components are just like the upgrade of small tools. Each of them provides information flow display and function control capabilities, such as music, weather, cameras, etc. their arrangement follows the golden rule, which further improves the utilization rate of desktop. < / P > < p > because the atomic component itself already has the interaction mode, when using, the user does not need to jump into the application, and can directly realize most operations on the desktop. For example, camera is one of the most frequently used functions of ordinary people. Originos provides an atomic component of the camera. Its left side can quickly provide the selection of camera functions, such as telephoto lens, super wide angle lens and wide-angle lens, and users can quickly set up filters, etc. in this way, when users have actual needs, they can quickly use atomic components Speed up to a function point, thus speeding up the pace of use. < / P > < p > corresponding to atomic component is atomic notification function. Atomic notification is similar to the combination of notification center and negative one screen in the past, in which all notification conference cards are arranged. The system will automatically recognize the scenes such as train tickets, air tickets, conferences, movies and express information, and display the notification and content in real time through the mode of fixed components. The interactive significance of atomization is that it has functional logic. Compared with app jump, it can better realize the information display under the same screen, and can arrange more information intensively in the same window without operation. In this way, in the process of use, it can naturally make users feel faster. < / P > < p > don’t worry about whether you can accept the new mode of originos. Vivo has set up a “two-way ticket” in it to facilitate you to follow the past usage habits. The first is the interface. Originos can realize the dual switch between funtouchos and originos through the components of “deformer”. After opening, the system will automatically return to the logic of desktop icon arrangement in the past, so as to reduce the use threshold of old users. < / P > < p > secondly, originos has built-in interaction pool function, which is an integration of operation logic. In short, it can contain all the current common Android interaction modes, whether it is virtual button, three segment gesture or left and right return gesture. Whatever you like, originos can meet the needs. < / P > < p > there are two other small functions that I have to mention. OriginOS provides a super card pack mode, which supports the payment of cards on the side side of the user, including WeChat, Alipay and riding code. It can start with one button. Any interface can slide up and down from the lower left corner. It can exhale the APP directory, drag into the current interface, and the application can be displayed by window. Undoubtedly, this logic should greatly improve the efficiency of multi task execution. < / P > < p > the communication between man and nature, man and the world, starts with mobile phone. Vivo is obviously not willing to build a system based on engineers’ ideas. It hopes to bring temperature to users in mobile phones in 5g era. Based on this concept, originos provides a vision window function. < / P > < p > users can use the “deformer” of atomic components to process monochromatic, original, fuzzy and other special effects on any wallpaper. At the same time, it can also overlay the following functions of perspective windows. < / P > < p > sky window: different weather conditions will be added to the wallpaper, which can be reflected in sunny days, windy days, rain and thunder. What’s more, the weather effects are optimized according to the reality, and the clouds, thunder, lightning and wind and rain will change. < / P > < p > time window: adjust the lighting effect of wallpaper according to different time. Vivo designers refer to the 24-hour light and shadow details of a day, showing the subtle changes of color temperature, brightness and light angle in 16 light scenes from sunrise to sunset, so that each ordinary wallpaper presents a different time. < / P > < p > behavior Wallpaper: a kind of dynamic wallpaper linked with the number of walking steps. Users can set the number of walking steps by themselves, and the process of completing the steps will make the flowers bloom on the desktop. Vivo through hundreds of hours of capture, each petal has its own algorithm support, to ensure the details and perfection of each frame of the picture, and finally achieve the special effects of seven different kinds of flowers blooming. < / P > < p > vivo promises to reveal more details about originos push and adaptation at the developer event tomorrow. Obviously, the software improvement of vivo is imperative. Undoubtedly, with the advent of 5g era, the competition in smart phone industry has long been no longer a pure hardware struggle. Vivo needs a set of software system matching with top hardware to provide users with more modern use experience. Can originos meet such needs? We’ll see. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”