What features are the Android flagship crazily sought after, but apple is dismissive!

Look at Samsung’s flagship, Huawei’s flagship and Xiaomi’s flagship are all in use, and the iPhone 12 even cancelled the front 2.5D screen case and adopted the face-to-face screen. < p > < p > look at the domestic super 120W flash charging, the charging efficiency has been greatly improved, including Huawei millet. Only apple still adheres to the original PD agreement of 18 watt fast charging. < / P > < p > in recent years, the Android flagship has become bigger and bigger, the screen is bigger, the battery is bigger, the battery life is very good, and the mobile phone is relatively heavy. However, Apple’s iPhone 12 this year is becoming thinner and thinner, and the battery capacity is also smaller. < / P > < p > in theory, Apple’s technology is not perfect, but it can keep up with it. It will not fall behind in the above fields and maintain a medium level. < / P > < p > for example, the iPhone 12 can be thicker, the battery capacity is bigger, and it can support the 120 Hz screen. Isn’t it more perfect? However, apple still sticks to its own development route. On the surface, the competition is getting smaller and smaller. In terms of functions, many domestic manufacturers have caught up with them. However, in terms of sales volume, it can still open a great distance for domestic manufacturers. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”