What features will Android 12 have

In particular, it reveals features that should not be expected in Android 11, but will appear in Android 12 in 2021 or in future versions of the operating system. Again, some changes have begun to be implemented in Android 11, but will continue to be more aggressive in future OS versions.

first of all, in Android 11, we never see the screen capture function of long scrolling pages. In early versions of Android 11 beta, this feature was prompted, but Google has undermined all users’ hopes for its appearance in the stable version of Android 11. According to the developers, the implementation of this feature is in progress, but will not appear in Android 11 R.

secondly, there will be an improved cloud backup system in the future. Users will receive more information and settings for creating backups from different devices. The 25mb data limit in the application is expected to be removed. Similarly, in the future version of Android, developers will “kill” the local information backup function from smartphone to computer via ADB.

third, Google is trying to solve the problem of actively shutting down applications in the background, which many Android device manufacturers are ashamed of. This is done to extend battery life, and there are other reasons. Google is aware of the problem and plans to encourage manufacturers to stop using extreme methods to make certain applications unusable.

Android 11 will reduce heat by requiring manufacturers to explicitly inform users in the background about how to shut down applications, and will also provide new APIs to show developers why to close applications. However, work on this issue will continue in the future.

fourth, developers will continue to improve gesture control. Fifth, third party launchers will have more freedom and opportunities.

Author: zmhuaxia