What happened to the animals that were sent into space? It’s still floating in space

Before the launch of manned rocket, human beings have been using animals to test whether human beings can survive in space. Among them, the following animals have made outstanding contributions to the launch of human spaceships. < / P > < p > the first animal to land in space was a dog named Lycra. Leica is a stray dog that roamed the Soviet Union until it was selected by scientists at the base. At that time, scientists in the former Soviet Union were going to select a group of stray dogs that could go to space, and Leica was selected. < / P > < p > Lycra was selected because it met all the conditions, such as 1-4 years old, which was in the prime of a dog. They can’t be too big or too small, because of the limited space in the spacecraft’s cabin; they have been wandering, which means that they are more adaptable to the environment. After being selected, Lycra received intensive training at the space base, including centrifuge training, which is difficult for humans to complete. But with each training, Leica performed well enough, so the scientists finally decided to let Leica carry out the first earth creature landing in space experiment. What Leica doesn’t know is that it’s a journey that will never come back. Due to the competition with the United States, the former Soviet Union scientists had not designed the return capsule, so they let Leica carry out the mission. According to the available data, Lycra fell into a great fear after landing in space, and soon died of high temperature. But in order to keep it secret, scientists have been claiming that Leica ate a poisonous dinner and died peacefully after the space mission. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the lie was exposed, and Leika suffered a lot before his death. < / P > < p > after Leica, the former Soviet Union sent some stray dogs into space, but fortunately, the later spaceships already had a re-entry module, and many dogs returned to earth safely after carrying out space missions. For example, two dogs were sent into space, Xiao Bai and arrow head. Later, arrow and other dogs gave birth to a litter of dogs, one of which was sent to the United States The White House, adopted by then President Kennedy. In addition to dogs, other countries have sent other animals into space. As early as Lycra, the United States had been carrying out the program of sending animals into space. However, due to the imperfect technology, they have been sacrificed before entering space. < / P > < p > after Leica landed in space, the United States sent another macaque and squirrel monkey into space, but after they returned to earth, the macaque died of excessive anesthesia, leaving only the squirrel monkey. Becker, a squirrel monkey, lived until he was 27 and died in 1984. In 1985, the United States sent two more squirrel monkeys into space. This time, scientists wanted to test whether space flight would cause changes in body and behavior. After entering space, two squirrel monkeys had no appetite and were not very active, but one quickly adapted to the space environment, while the other ate something until the fifth day. Some scientists have sent spiders, frogs and water bears into space to observe their differences from the earth. Chinese scientists have also sent six baby silkworms into space to observe their web weaving in space. Compared with the past, the survival rate of animals in space is higher and higher nowadays. Today, most countries have canceled the preparation for large animals to land in space, because in the past, the main purpose of large animals landing in space was to test whether human beings can survive in space environment, which is to explore the way for astronauts. < / P > < p > some of them died, and some survived. Almost all the surviving animals were well cared for in the following days, while the animals who sacrificed for the human space cause were not remembered. Nowadays, there are still some cities that set up sculptures for them and even write songs for them. We often say that animals are good friends of human beings. In the history of human development, many animals have influenced human civilization. For example, in the past, horses were war supplies and could conquer other nations. Camels can cross the desert and connect Eastern and Western civilizations; chicken, as a common protein, is one of the essential foods for human beings. In addition, many animals have made outstanding contributions to the history of human science and technology. Their sacrifice should not be forgotten. They are silent heroes of human beings. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

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