What happened when scientists accidentally discovered that radiation could make certain alloys self repair?

Radiation is harmful to most life on earth. It is found that nuclear radiation can accelerate the corrosion of most materials in modern industry. It can be said that radiation is a double-edged sword to avoid in modern industry. Recently, researchers at MIT have discovered a peculiar new ability of radiation, which is especially obvious Researchers at MIT and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory are testing corrosion of alloys at various levels of radiation, since only radiation has previously been found to accelerate corrosion of pure metals. The researchers tested the Ni Cr alloy in a nuclear reactor, used corrosive high temperature compounds for a long time to destroy it, and then bombarded the nickel chromium alloy with radiation from proton accelerator, and the corrosion time of the alloy was reduced by at least half. Michael, chief researcher Short claims that dozens of experiments have been carried out, and even under different conditions, the same results have been obtained. The magical nature of radiation surprised all participants, and if it was fully utilized in nuclear reactors, it would greatly improve safety. Under microscope observation, researchers found that radiation makes alloy atoms become very active during bombardment. More active alloy atoms can quickly recover the holes formed by corrosion. Therefore, radiation repair of corrosion sites of alloy appears. However, it is unclear why radiation causes Ni Cr alloy to appear, but the research team is not sure why radiation causes Ni Cr alloy to appear More alloys will be tested to find out which alloys can react with radiation. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction