What has Fuji x-t4 become a new force in animal photography?

Shooting animals, in our established impression, are professional photographers, with flagship high-speed sports cameras and super focus lens can be realized. If I tell you now, with a Fuji x-t4 non reflective camera, you can also play with animal photography, are you interested? Today, we will take Fuji x-t4 non reflective camera to see how it completes the difficult animal photography. < p > < p > Fuji x-t4 can be seen at a glance that it is a Fuji non reflective camera, with a strong Fuji appearance style design, which is obviously different from other camera brand products. For many beauty party members, this camera can completely meet everyone’s demand for appearance. Of course, although the appearance selling point is very good, but the camera’s performance and shooting experience is its core competitiveness. < p > < p > Fuji’s consistent style is to design the function buttons in an obvious position, and the same is true for x-t4. For example, ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation are all designed with separate knobs, and there are separate dials for switching shooting mode and camera. In this way, the user can find the function position that needs to be adjusted at a glance, and can adjust the model quickly without remembering the complex combination keys. This is very friendly for users, especially for novice users, and also improves the operation experience. < / P > < p > in addition to the reasonable layout of the buttons, Fuji x-t4 adopts a very powerful screen design. This screen can not only support horizontal 180 degree and vertical 270 degree flip, but also support touch operation, so many adjustment operations or difficult viewfinder work can rely on this screen to complete. When shooting animals, this screen’s ability to flip is very practical, especially some large angle viewfinder can let the photographer complete with more beautiful posture. < p > < p > because Fuji x-t4 has a 26.1 megapixel sensor design, and also has a continuous shooting performance of 20 pictures per second, the storage pressure is relatively large, so the configuration of dual SD card slot is also closely adopted in the storage design. In this way, it can not only provide the data security option of double backup, but also be used as an extension, so that users can avoid the trouble of changing the card. In addition, the volume and weight of the camera. The weight of Fuji x-t4 non reflective camera with battery memory card is 607g. Many cameras with the same shooting ability, especially the SLR camera, will be much heavier than Fuji x-t4. Therefore, for friends who like to photograph animals, carrying Fuji x-t4 to go out for shooting is called carrying no pressure in the real sense. Fuji x-t4 will not have too much impact on users’ physical strength, whether in the mountains or in national parks. Fuji x-t4 is a flagship non reflective camera, and its image quality is the core selling point of the camera. Fuji x-t4 adopts a 26.1 megapixel APS-C frame x-trans CMOS 4 image sensor design. This sensor has a very strong performance, so let’s go on to experience the excellent image quality performance brought by this sensor. Excellent image quality performance, can bring better details, but also can more perfectly present the various forms of animals. < / P > < p > the combination of Fuji x-t4 camera and Fuji XF 100-400mm f / 4.5-5.6r LM OIS WR lens can bring excellent picture quality experience. This combination not only has outstanding effect in imaging quality, but also has excellent performance in detail sharpness. You can see that the sika deer’s eye details and eye hair are very clear and sharp. In addition, Fuji x-t4 still performs very well with high sensitivity, because when shooting animals, and when shooting with a hyperfocal lens, even in a better light environment, higher sensitivity is needed to ensure the clarity and sharpness of the picture. Fuji x-t4 keeps the picture very clean in ISO 1250 environment, which has a strong competitive advantage in APS-C frame camera. < p > < p > from the sample film, we can see that the Fuji x-t4 has excellent image quality, which is worthy of being a flagship non reflection camera. Not only the image is sharp and virtual, but also can bring rich and clear details. In addition, Fuji x-t4 camera’s direct out JPG photos are also commendable in terms of color performance, so the photos brought by this camera can fully meet the demanding needs of users. < p > < p > Fuji x-t4 has a very strong performance in the high-speed continuous shooting ability. It supports the continuous shooting ability of 20 shots / s under the electronic shutter. If it is cut at 1.25 times, this camera can realize the high-speed continuous shooting of 30 shots / s under the electronic shutter. You should know that there are not many cameras that can realize the continuous shooting capability of full-size photos at 20fps. Most of the products are flagship high-speed sports cameras. In other words, Fuji x-t4 has already matched these cameras in terms of continuous shooting speed. For shooting animals, the faster the continuous shooting speed, the better able to grasp the instantaneous posture of animals and bring more wonderful animal photography pictures. < / P > < p > the so-called continuous shooting is always cool. When you take Fuji x-t4 out, you can turn on the “ch” gear when you see the lively animals, and experience the continuous shooting speed of 20 pictures per second. In this level of continuous shooting environment, processing images into GIF will have the feeling of watching video, because 24 frames / second has reached the video standard. < / P > < p > through these groups of gifs, we can see the continuous shooting ability of Fuji x-t4, and of course, we can also see the strength of the focusing system closely related to continuous shooting. Fuji x-t4 adopts a 425 point focusing system design, adopts a new focusing algorithm, can achieve a focusing speed of 0.02 seconds, and supports – 6EV weak light focusing. This system is very mature and stable, and it can focus stably, accurately and quickly in daily use. In the 20 second / second high-speed continuous shooting, the ability to chase the focus is awesome. Every frame in the GIF picture is focused and clear. Therefore, this system is very powerful no matter whether it is shooting animal or shooting other high-speed sports themes. < / P > < p > all shooting, whether it’s still photos, high-speed continuous shooting or video shooting, actually depends on the endurance of the camera. Fuji x-t4 battery life performance is very good, compared with the previous generation significantly improved. The new np-w235 battery has a capacity of 2200mAh and a endurance of 500. In the energy-saving mode, it can reach 600, which basically can be shot by one battery for a day. < / P > < p > if your shooting intensity is very high, the endurance of 500 photos is still not enough, so don’t worry. Fuji x-t4 is equipped with USB type-C interface, which can charge x-t4 at any time with only one additional mobile power supply. In this way, the endurance of the camera can be described as infinite. < / P > < p > for animal photography, Fuji x-t4 provides a brand-new solution. Users can abandon the flagship Sports Camera and use the x-t4 non reflective camera instead. The focus system, continuous shooting performance and storage performance of the camera are excellent, so it is not a problem to meet the needs of shooting animals. Moreover, the biggest advantage of this combination is that it is light. Even if it is combined with XF 100-400mm f / 4.5-5.6r LM OIS WR lens, it has obvious advantages in weight. The author’s own experience is that this set of combination is very reliable. The positioning of Fuji x-t4 is the flagship no reflection camera of APS-C, so it has obvious advantages in image quality and control. Whether it is animal photography or other types of photography, Fuji x-t4 can meet the demanding needs of users. Don’t forget, Fuji x-t4 is still a video artifact. For many professional video users and video studios, the video performance of this camera is no problem. Therefore, Fuji x-t4 is able to meet the needs of both professional photographers, photography enthusiasts and professional video users. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine

Author: zmhuaxia