What has wechat done for the digitalization of the insurance industry?

In recent years, with the development of financial technology and the change of consumer behavior habits, the insurance industry has turned to technological and digital track. According to the CBRC data, in 2019, the direct investment in information technology of major insurance institutions exceeded 33 billion yuan, an increase of 16.9% over the previous year. Technology and Internet are deeply influencing the traditional development mode of the insurance industry and driving the digital transformation of the insurance industry. Since this year, the epidemic situation has further accelerated the digital transformation of the insurance industry. It is worth noting that Internet technology enterprises are becoming an important force to boost the digital transformation of the insurance industry with their excellent technical advantages. In particular, as the most extensive business channel of insurance companies, personal insurance business has been facing the problem of expanding customer resources and agent management. In view of the industry pain point, the enterprise wechat gives the digital solution. The reporter learned from Tencent that with the help of enterprise wechat, the customer reach rate of some insurance companies has increased from 50% in the previous telephone era to 75%. Lu Hao, senior director of enterprise wechat industry, said in an interview with economic observer that the special features of enterprise wechat in wechat ecology are “credit enhancement” and “efficiency enhancement”. From efficient innovation to multi scenario transformation to transaction, wechat constructs a closed-loop online service. At the same time, abundant tools support attendance training and resignation inheritance, and also enable insurance companies to optimize internal management. In the first half of this year, the insurance industry’s premium income increased by 6.46% year-on-year. According to the release of Fudan University and Tencent micro insurance, before the epidemic in 2020, the conversion rate of Internet insurance increased by 73% on average compared with the same period last year; during the epidemic period, the conversion rate of Internet insurance increased by 232% on average compared with the same period last year. Obviously, the epidemic will continue to promote the transfer of insurance from offline business to online business, and promote the rapid development of Internet insurance industry. China’s China insurance industry has novel coronavirus pneumonia research. The

survey conducted by a well-known consulting firm recently revealed that the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on China’s insurance industry is a result. McKinsey believes that the epidemic has accelerated the digital transformation and customer-centered process of insurance companies. The report predicts that after the epidemic, the insurance industry will usher in three major changes: first, customer behavior will be accelerated online; second, the product form will be more innovative; third, the operation mode will be fully digitized. < / P > < p > it is true that the mode of interaction between insurance industry and customers is undergoing great changes, and digitalization is reshaping the industry pattern. As offline business begins to migrate to online, the process that used to take a few days to turn into a closed loop of fast interaction. While insurance companies increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, Internet technology enterprises also become an important force to boost the digital transformation of the insurance industry through “enabling”. < p > < p > it is understood that as one of the few life insurance companies that can realize the whole process of digital exhibition in China, Anhua Angus life insurance company has positioned & quot; digital & quot; as a company strategy to keep pace with the personal insurance channel since its opening in 2013. Yin Xiaosong, director and general manager of Anhua Angus life insurance company, told economic observer that after determining its digital strategy, the company has developed its own app at the sales level, using independent app to help agents acquire customers, do customer management, online sales and other activities; at the management level, the company chose enterprise wechat. In 2019, the company launched the big data marketing project, namely, online drainage, online transformation mode, front end use of shaking platform and other Internet platform drainage, through the form of transformation to do services, and then to CRM system, online communication and service platform bottom and WeChat tiktok, through interaction. In Yin Xiaosong’s opinion, people’s demand for insurance is actually a hidden demand, which is often hidden in people’s hearts and can’t even remember when they are busy. This requires an infectious and professional insurance agent to stimulate people’s love, responsibility and need to prepare for the future. He believes that the Internet will eventually replace or largely replace the traditional individual insurance business, which is only a slow and fast development problem, and the direction is irreversible. < / P > < p > it is understood that Anhua Angus currently relies on the enterprise wechat platform in terms of service provision, product sales and team management, and is grafted on the enterprise wechat. Yin Xiaosong believes that this is an era of mutual empowerment of technology and achievements. The unique openness of enterprise wechat has achieved good results in the business quality and risk control of the company’s “big data marketing project”. How does enterprise wechat connect insurance enterprises, agents and customers to realize three terminal interconnection? The reporter learned from the “personal insurance digital new infrastructure Summit Forum” held on August 12 that, in fact, from efficient promotion to multi scene transformation to transaction, enterprise wechat has constructed a closed-loop online service. < / P > < p > in the traditional personal insurance business scenario, the agent’s way of expanding customer resources through SMS or wechat has the problems of high communication cost, expired friend verification, lack of rich customer management tools and so on, which is easy to lead to the loss of potential customers. Based on its multiple abilities, wechat can help agents expand new customers in various ways. < / P > < p > for example, the “contact me QR code” of enterprise wechat can facilitate agents to make offline materials, thus guiding potential customers to scan wechat codes and add friends. At the same time, the enterprise wechat also supports the insurance company to assign a list of agents. The agent expresses the request to add the enterprise wechat through the telephone. After the customer agrees, the online agent can initiate the application to add the customer’s wechat through the enterprise wechat, so as to establish a long-term good friend relationship with the customer. < / P > < p > in addition to expanding new customers, wechat also has the ability to reach customers, transform customers and pay online. At the same time, the enterprise certification label in enterprise wechat not only improves communication efficiency, but also establishes professional impression. In addition, wechat’s customer group, customer circle of friends, product atlas, external collection and other functions can also help agents complete product promotion and order transaction, improve customer touch and conversion effect, and form a complete online service closed loop. < p > < p > it is understood that with the help of enterprise wechat, Ping An Life has settled 35000 enterprise wechat users in the past two years, of which 85% are active users, and the customer touch rate has increased from 50% in the previous telephone era to 75%. < / P > < p > however, the personal insurance business is different from other industries. The 9 million agent team is large and the personnel mobility is large. At the same time, the agents often need to go out to carry out business, and the attendance situation is complex. At the same time, the one-to-one service scenario also makes it difficult for insurance companies to control the service quality of agents. < / P > < p > in view of the pain points of the individual insurance industry, the enterprise wechat supports insurance companies to set their own “attendance” function to achieve flexible clock in. It is reported that through the enterprise wechat flexible attendance, sunshine insurance agents forget to punch in the card rate from 10% to 1%. At the same time, the enterprise wechat supports insurance companies to check the status of agent services for customers and community operation at any time and anywhere in the enterprise wechat background, and quantify the assessment system, so as to improve the business ability and level of agents. < / P > < p > in addition, in the face of meeting demands of insurance companies such as morning and evening meetings, online training and marketing war reports, the conference function of enterprise wechat can reach agent teams in different regions online, reducing the training difficulty and cost of insurance companies. Moreover, the resignation inheritance ability of wechat solves the problem of customer resource loss of insurance companies caused by agent turnover. < p > < p > Lu Hao, senior director of enterprise wechat industry, told reporters that the special features of enterprise wechat in the wechat ecosystem are “credit enhancement” and “efficiency enhancement”. Credit enhancement refers to that an enterprise’s wechat ID is the endorsement of the enterprise’s identity. When communicating with customers, it represents the enterprise’s behavior rather than the individual’s behavior, which is more able to “win the trust”; in terms of efficiency, as an internal management system of the enterprise, wechat improves the efficiency and effect of internal communication and information flow efficiency. New product launch