What is a large aperture? How do they affect the effect of the picture?

Aperture is one of the three main elements of exposure control in digital SLR camera. By controlling the aperture size of the light passing through, it affects the light intake of the camera lens. < p > < p > beginners of photography often hear words such as large aperture, small aperture and adjusting aperture value. So what is aperture? What is a large aperture? What is a small aperture? < / P > < p > the aperture is actually a component inside the camera lens. It is composed of many thin metal sheets, which can be moved. By changing its opening degree, the amount of light entering the lens can be controlled. The larger the aperture opening, the more luminous flux; the smaller the aperture opening, the less luminous flux. < / P > < p > the aperture value is represented by the letter F or F, such as F8. The common aperture values are f1.4, F2, f2.8, F4, f5.6, F8, F11, F16, F22, F32, f36, etc. the aperture of the diaphragm will be reduced by a part and the luminous flux will be reduced by half with each step of diaphragm progression. For example, f5.6 has twice as much light as F8. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!