What is Galaxy ecology? Read this article and you’ll know

You may not be unfamiliar with the concept of “ecological interconnection”, which is also the goal many technology companies are striving to achieve. Even though the “ecological interconnection” has not reached the ideal state, it has made great progress compared with the concept when it first appeared. Samsung, as the world’s leading technology giant, has been building Galaxy ecosystem around the life of consumers very early, hoping to help users open a more futuristic lifestyle. As a productivity tool, notebook plays an indispensable role in daily life. However, it is inevitable that when there are scenes that are inconvenient to use the laptop, for example, when you need to record things standing, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + with excellent portability and s pen may be your first choice. S pen can help you quickly record all kinds of information you need, and can save it in text format such as word; when you need to have a video conference when you are out temporarily, you may want to make a video conference, Samsung Galaxy bud live and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + are ideal partners. Samsung Galaxy bud live can wake up Bixby to find the nearest coffee shop and answer video calls through touch. While the Galaxy Tab S7 + can record conference information through the floating window of Samsung notebook when making video calls on the large screen. Most importantly, through Samsung cloud, you can synchronize your notes to Galaxy book s for further processing. < / P > < p > If Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra is included, the work among these products will be more subdivided. For example, Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra can perform simple tag recording. After syncing with Samsung cloud, you can choose to process handwritten content again with s pen on Galaxy Tab S7 +, or choose Galaxy book s to further process text content. < / P > < p > What’s more, Samsung Galaxy watch3 can also be turned into a controller to control Galaxy Tab S7 + and other products. For example, when you need to display PPT for customers, users can control ppt page turning through Galaxy watch3, and can choose to turn the dial control or touch screen control. In addition, users can use the whole dial of Galaxy watch 3 as a touch pad, press and hold the screen, and then drag the finger to move the cursor on the PPT, and point to where you want to point. < / P > < p > entertainment experience has always been regarded as the foundation of tablet products. Even Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + is constantly improving its entertainment experience. For example, 12.4-inch super AMOLED display, with hdr10 + high dynamic range, SGS eye protection certification and 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, each parameter here shows the advantages of this screen. While Galaxy Budd live has clear and delicate sound effect, it also has active noise reduction function, which can effectively reduce the low frequency noise without affecting the listening to the surrounding people’s voice. Combined with the Galaxy Tab S7 + screen, it can bring users a more immersive viewing experience. Not only that, users can easily find the film and television information they want through Bixby, and enter their own entertainment world quickly and conveniently. < p > < p > the Samsung Galaxy watch 3 not only meets the daily wear of business people, but also takes into account the general fitness needs under the luxurious appearance of classic mechanical wristwatch. Through this product, users can better grasp the health situation, get more sports optimization suggestions, and develop a healthier lifestyle. The new Samsung Galaxy bus live can be connected with Galaxy watch3, which means that users can listen to music played by Galaxy watch3 through Galaxy bud live, without having to carry the mobile phone with them. Just imagine that it’s a wonderful thing to wear Galaxy buttons live and galaxy watch3 to record sports data and listen to favorite music. All sports data of galaxy watch3 can be viewed in Samsung health app. In general, we still have a long way to go in terms of ecology. Samsung Galaxy ecology, through the complementary advantages of various products, provides enough convenience for our daily life. Of course, Samsung Galaxy ecology has a lot of products. If you are interested, you can pay attention to Samsung’s recent promotion activities in the opening season. There are many products and many discounts. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

Author: zmhuaxia