What is Internet plus? What can the power of wechat bring us?

If the essence of competition in the Internet era is traffic, then the essence of competition in the era of mobile Internet is the entrance. In the past, an organization considered that owning its website was a necessary condition for this era. Now, it has to own its WeChat official account because WeChat has become an entrance to all things. Xie Xiaoping, editor in chief of wechat thinking series, founder of firefly technology, famous financial media person, focuses on the exploration and research of wechat ecological field. This book, officially authorized by wechat, aims to explain why wechat links can generate such huge energy, as well as the ecosystem and forest rules of wechat as a “forest”. If you still have a feeling of “one leaf blinding the eyes” on wechat, this book is a special book for you to turn the clouds over and restore the essence of wechat and “forest regulations”. < / P > < p > consumers in the past: in the Internet era, most of the users’ thinking mode is in a passive state. Through the connection between people and things, the high concentration of traffic can be realized on the basis of meeting the needs of users. This is the idea of “traffic is king” in the traditional Internet era. Today’s consumers, in the era of fragmented mobile Internet, users redefine their cognition and access to the Internet in real offline scenarios. Business logic has become a kind of human-centered, scene-based, timely and accurate experience. This is the idea of “situation is the entrance” in the era of mobile Internet. < / P > < p > the scenarios in each industry are different. The department store industry has the service pain point of the department store industry, the catering industry has the process pain point of the catering industry, and the hospital has the process pain point of the hospital. Imagine that if every industry and every business has a set of systems and services, then the virtual world services will connect the real world seamlessly. This is the life centered on wechat payment, which is built by the wechat team on site, which is a brand-new o2o service experience. < / P > < p > to popularize wechat payment, the best starting point is to do some small and high-frequency o2o scenarios. It can be said that the catering industry is the best matching scenario for wechat payment. Let’s first look at the three major pain points of the catering industry: < / P > < p > through the above two steps, a lot of costs, especially labor costs, have been saved; users do not have to queue up to pay bills, which improves the operational efficiency; through the interactive marketing between wechat service number and users, we can understand the potential needs of customers, so as to realize the future precision marketing. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”