What is the high sensitivity of a camera? Why is the performance of the camera with relatively low pixel sensitivity?

The so-called high sensitivity is the image quality performance under high sensitivity. Generally speaking, different cameras, if the performance of the lens is the same or similar, with the lowest sensitivity of the camera, then the image quality is not significantly different. However, when shooting with higher sensitivity, the difference in image quality will be obvious. In the process of improving the sensitivity of photography, the high-sensitivity camera will take pictures with less noise and much better details. For example, if you take pictures with ISO6400, the image quality of the camera with high sensitivity is poor, but the image quality of the camera with high sensitivity performance is still relatively pure. < / P > < p > some people may say that it’s OK to shoot without high sensitivity. Yes, if the light conditions permit, we usually try to shoot with a lower sensitivity. For example, if the light is weak, we use a tripod fixed camera to shoot with a lower shutter speed and lower sensitivity. However, in many cases, this method still can not solve the problem, for example, there is no tripod under weak light and hand-held shooting, low light shooting dynamic objects, high-speed shutter shooting dynamic objects, etc. Even if you use a tripod to shoot, you have to shoot in high light sensitivity, such as the starry sky. < / P > < p > for example, if the lens with the largest aperture f2.8 is used to shoot the starry sky, and the exposure time is 20 seconds, then the ISO is generally no less than 2000. Those who have not shot the starry sky may say that since they are shooting with tripods, why does it take only 20 seconds for the exposure time to increase the exposure time to reduce the ISO? In theory, but in fact, the stars are moving. If the exposure time is too long, the track of the stars will be photographed and become a short line. < / P > < p > even when the light is not too weak, there are some cases where higher ISO photography is needed, such as shooting birds on cloudy days. Generally speaking, the shutter speed of shooting birds needs to reach 1 / 2000 seconds, so there is no other way to improve ISO shooting in this case. At present, the maximum aperture of ultra long focal lens for bird shooting is F4, and this lens is expensive. The aperture of ultra long focal lens is much smaller than that of F4. < / P > < p > high sensitivity is an important performance of the camera sensor, but it is not included in the factory parameters of the camera. So how do you know the high sensitivity of the camera? < / P > < p > the most reliable way is to look at the height of the camera. Generally speaking, if the picture frame is the same and the pixel is lower, the high sensitivity performance will be better. In fact, this statement is not rigorous. A more rigorous view is to look at the pixel density. The higher the pixel density is, the better the high sensitivity performance is. The so-called pixel density is the ratio of pixel to sensor area. For example, the pixel density of Nikon’s 20.82 megapixel flagship D6 is 2.4. Calculation method: the area of full frame sensor is 24 × 36 = 8642082 / 864 ≈ 2.4. The d850 pixel density of Nikon’s 45.75 million pixels is 5.29. Obviously, the D6 pixel density is smaller, so the high-sensitivity performance is better. Some people may say that the D6 is an expensive flagship aircraft with better sensor quality. Of course, the high sensitivity performance is better than the d850. It is true that the high-sensitivity performance is related to the pixel density as well as the quality of the sensor and the imaging algorithm. However, for the same generation of technology, the biggest factor affecting the high-sensitivity performance is pixel density. < / P > < p > the Nikon D6 is the flagship, which may not explain the problem. Then, the 24.5 megapixel D780 is also lower than the d850 pixel density. Is the D780 better than the d850 in high-sensitivity performance? Yes, it’s just not as big as D6 and d850. As mentioned above, there are other factors that affect high sensitivity. Here comes another question: if the pixel density is lower and the high sensitivity is better, why should we make a high pixel density camera. The pixel density is smaller, and the high sensitivity performance is better. This is only one aspect. On the other hand, the pixel density is large, the detail performance is better, and the image quality is more delicate, so the low-sensitivity luminosity image quality will be better. In addition, the high pixel size is larger to meet the needs of large-scale photo applications. As a result, camera manufacturers generally release a variety of products, such as low pixel cameras with high sensitivity and low image quality, and high pixel cameras with large size. For a specific product, a balance should be struck between detail performance and high sensitivity performance. < / P > < p > at this point, it’s not hard to understand why Sony is now releasing products like the full frame, 15.4 megapixel a7s3. Because the main purpose of this kind of camera is to maximize the high sensitivity performance. Although 15.4 megapixels is too low for taking photos, taking video is enough. This kind of camera takes video with high sensitivity in dark light, and the image quality will be very clean. < / P > < p > therefore, when choosing a camera, if we can only choose one camera, we should consider your most important needs. For example, if you are shooting scenery and commercial use of large size, it is best to choose a high pixel camera; if you are mainly shooting wildlife and starry sky and other subjects, you’d better choose a lower pixel camera with better high sensitivity. Of course, the best thing is that money is not a problem. At the same time, you can use a camera with corresponding advantages to shoot any subject matter. < / P > < p > this article is selected from the column, and there are more chapters. Please pay attention to “Le Xiaoyao photography”. More wonderful content will not be lost! Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

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