What is the Internet thinking that everyone is talking about?

Internet thinking has long been a well-known word in the Internet. Although everyone is talking about Internet thinking, Internet thinking marketing and so on, it seems that Internet thinking is very low, but few people can really understand, understand and skillfully use Internet thinking. Internet thinking is a very general and broad term. In official terms, it refers to the way of thinking to re-examine the market, users, products, enterprise value chain and even the whole business ecology under the background of the continuous development of Internet, big data, cloud computing and other technologies.

at a big event in Baidu, Robin Li talked about the development problem with the boss and entrepreneur of traditional industry. Robin Li mentioned the word “Internet thinking”. He said that we entrepreneurs should have Internet thinking in the future. Maybe what you do is not the Internet, but your thinking mode should gradually think from the perspective of the Internet. This concept has been gradually recognized by more and more entrepreneurs, even people from all walks of life and various fields outside the enterprise, but the word “Internet thinking” has evolved into many different interpretations.

though Robin Li is the first to put forward the Internet thinking, Internet thinking is the product of the outbreak of the centralization of the mind under the background of the emergence and development of the Internet. It is not because the Internet has had the Internet thinking. < / P > < p > the key to every great leap of human society is not the catalysis of material or even technology, but the iteration of thinking tools. It takes a long time for a technology to change from tool attribute to social life and then to group values. < / P > < p > this passage is a passage from Li, which is very incisive. It clarifies the important position of Internet thinking in modern society in a concise and accurate way. < p > < p > let’s talk about the electric rice cooker, a small household appliance that every family can’t do without. In the early years, the most popular rice cooker brands in our market were hupai, Xiangyin, Panasonic, Midea, Gree, etc. These are traditional home appliance manufacturers. Users who spend more than 1000 yuan will automatically choose foreign brands. In fact, the domestic rice cooker sales are in a bad situation. The pure rice technology of Xiaomi breaks the traditional kitchen appliance mode, creates the software and hardware system development and production of Internet kitchen appliances, and constructs the kitchen ecology. It combines the rice cooker with the Internet, makes rice by algorithm, and attacks the household appliance industry with 3C industry precision, and succeeds in one stroke. < / P > < p > before chunmi entered Xiaomi company, when they talked about cooperation with traditional household appliance manufacturers, traditional businesses did not believe them, and said that Internet appliances could not be realized. This traditional household appliance manufacturer just lacked Internet thinking. < / P > < p > when it comes to Internet thinking, in fact, it is a relatively broad term without a definite definition. Every industry and everyone has their own different understanding of Internet thinking. < / P > < p > I’ll talk about it here. This book talks about the nine dimensions of Internet thinking. I think it’s well written. Although it’s a little bit longer than now, it’s comprehensive. If you can digest and absorb these contents, you’ll still get a lot. The first and most important Internet thinking is user thinking. User thinking refers to the “user centered” consideration in all aspects of the value chain. < / P > < p > in the past, when information and goods were scarce, users were more “passive choices” because of limitations. With the advent of the information age, everything can be on the Internet today, users are more “active choice”, in the face of this qualitative change, users have become the God of our Internet people, you must think about what users think. < / P > < p > in an interview program, Wu Xiaobo interviewed Zhang Xiaolong and asked him, although wechat has many functions and is very complex, why can everyone use it as soon as they start? Zhang Xiaolong’s answer is: we do Internet products, is to let ourselves quickly into the “fool” mode, and in this state to verify the product. < / P > < p > extreme thinking is to make products, services and user experience to the extreme and surpass user expectations. What is extreme? The ultimate is to take all your life. < / P > < p > we often hear this word when we are working. The boss emphasizes that fast iteration is the most important thing. There is also a popular saying in the industry: go online first, then iterate! < p > < p > < p > “agile development” is a typical methodology of Internet product development. It is a human centered, iterative and step-by-step development method. It allows some deficiencies, trial and error, and improves the product in continuous iteration. < / P > < p > flow means volume and volume means component. Where the eyes are focused, money will come. Flow is money, flow is the entrance, the value of flow need not be said. The core of social commerce is the network. The customers the company faces exist in the form of network, which will change the whole form of enterprise production, sales and marketing.

is a hotly contested spot and a little red book in recent years. WeChat and micro-blog, which we have been using, are known as Durex and so on. They are all products of social commerce, and they are also the tiktok of most enterprises. < / P > < p > the platform thinking of the Internet is the thinking of opening and sharing. The platform model is most likely to become an industrial giant. Among the 100 largest enterprises in the world, 60 enterprises mainly come from the platform business model, including apple, Google, etc. < / P > < p > with the development of the Internet and new technology, the boundaries of many industries have become blurred, and the tentacles of Internet enterprises have penetrated into every corner, such as retail, books, finance, telecommunications, entertainment, transportation, media, etc. However, the core of the Internet can not be separated from five key points: convenience, expression, free of charge, data thinking and user experience. Of course, these thoughts need us to explore constantly in practice. < / P > < p > I hope that no matter you are already in the Internet industry, or want to switch to the Internet industry, Xiaobai can constantly mine knowledge and acquire knowledge in the study and work, so as to observe, read and summarize more. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”