What is the iPhone 12? Huawei sold to 18 thousand. Who will you choose to play games?

I don’t know what kind of mobile phones we usually use to play games? Huawei? Millet? Or the latest iPhone 12? No matter what brand of mobile phone you use to play games, you should all hope that your mobile phone can present a perfect picture without being stuck. Recently, Huawei and apple, the two great kings in the technology circle, have released their latest models. Which of them is more suitable for playing games? < / P > < p > you should know that shortly after the release of the iPhone 12, the price of the iPhone 12 was increased by several thousand yuan, and then Huawei mate 40 series was released. However, the most expensive model of the series actually sold for 18000 yuan, and the lowest equipped Huawei mate 40 cost 7100 yuan. < / P > < p > when the prices of the two are very close, we find that Huawei mate 40 full series screens support 90hz refresh rate, while the iPhone 12 full series only has 60Hz. You may feel that in daily use, whether to support high refresh rate is not strong, but the performance in the game is more obvious. However, on the other hand, the quality of the game will not be decided by the new model of the game. On the other hand, the quality of the game can’t be decided by the new model 。 < / P > < p > turn to the cooperation of 5g processor and A14 processor, but we should know that no matter whether it is mobile game or mobile game, the requirement for picture quality is not too high, and the faster and more stable network speed can provide guarantee for group warfare. < / P > < p > you can compare this point with the release of the iPhone 11. When the iPhone 11 was released, the on-site demonstration of the game had a relatively high performance in terms of picture quality. Whether it was the creation of the overall game environment or the fidelity of the character image, this is also the powerful ability of iPhone 11 to show its strong support for the image quality of the game. < / P > < p > if we say that the quality of MoBa games is not enough to explain anything, we should take the quadratic mobile game as an example. At present, we should be the leader in this type. The game itself has an open world, an area to explore everywhere, and exquisite role drawing. Especially when releasing skills, the gorgeous effect presented is the generation of high-level picture quality Show the characteristics. < / P > < p > however, it is at the cost of high calorific value. However, someone tested it. After half an hour’s test with Huawei P40 PRO +, he found that the power consumption was only 13%, and the maximum temperature of the fuselage screen was only 36.8 ℃. < / P > < p > or, we can use the more complex picture of the national style hand tour to discuss, for example, it is not only in the form of national style, but also includes the realistic style in the role skill effect. < / P > < p > a variety of painting quality rendering techniques are integrated. At the same time, there are art forms such as ink wash, relief and print in the scene shaping. This kind of painting style setting is not only a high requirement for the original painting production, but also a test of the game’s ability to optimize the picture quality. < / P > < p > you should know that high quality and film quality are the best performance in the setting of image quality. Among them, the film quality can reflect the improvement of image quality from the details, such as the material of characters’ clothes, silk, changeable weather effects, such as dusk and thunderstorm days, black and white and color ink and wash in the heart. < / P > < p > of course, some people worry that only the current new models will be able to enable the movie quality. However, in the early years, such as the iPhone XS Max and even the mix3, it is expected that the two flagship models of this year will be able to do the same. < / P > < p > therefore, in the era of excessive mobile phone performance, all flagship models basically support the highest image quality of the game. However, fever and power consumption are still the primary factors for players to consider. This is also the direction that many game manufacturers need to strive for. If there is a chance to choose a game model, which one would you choose, iPhone 12 or Huawei mate40? Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine