What is the origin of oxygen OS 11 system? One plus 8t “Install” to show you!

Oxygenos 11 is a system launched by No.1 Canada for overseas markets, and the corresponding domestic system is hydrogen OS. The new version of the system is based on Android 11 and is expected to be Android 11. In this way, t will be the first domestic flagship phone with Android 11 pre installed in the industry. < p > < p > in August this year, a new version of hydrogen OS 11 was officially released online by Yijia mobile phone. Hydrogen OS 11 adopts a very inclusive design, bringing new functions such as AOD, intelligent picture library, voice notes, multi person meditation mode, and new dark mode. It also adds flash back key for fast switching multiple applications and blind fingerprint decoding function under AOD status. All one plus six mobile phones and all subsequent one plus one mobile phones will gradually adapt to hydrogen OS 11. < / P > < p > it is reported that one plus 8t will be officially released on October 15, and a new fast charging solution of warp charge 65 will be adopted for one plus 8t 5g, which can fully charge the 4500mAh battery with 8t 5g in 39 minutes. In addition, the one plus 8t is also upgraded to 120Hz AMOLED flexible straight screen, which is the second 120Hz high brush mobile phone of Yijia, and has obtained the industry authoritative displaymate a + certification. < / P > < p > it can be said that t’s appearance is full of sincerity and self-confidence. It’s no wonder that Liu zuohu, the founder of T, responded domineering that “t is excellent to the direction with no room for upgrading”. But what’s the specific situation of the mobile phone? Let’s wait for the T conference in mid October= https://twhosting.com/category/internet/#boldwp -posts-wrapper target=_ blank>Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia