What is the “productivity” of smart phones? Samsung note20 series redefines benchmarking

On the evening of August 5, 2020, Samsung officially launched its new flagship smartphone of galaxy note20 series. As the latest Android player recognized by the industry, Galaxy note20 series is almost “logical” and has renewed the standard of top flagship once again. For example, in terms of core configuration, Samsung Galaxy note20 series is equipped with the latest snapdragon 865 + 5g mobile platform and 12gb + 512gb storage combination. Such a powerful CP combination also means that it will become the most powerful flagship mobile phone at present. < / P > < p > in terms of screen, it is equipped with 6.9-inch dynamic AMOLED 2x top-level curved screen developed and produced by Samsung, which not only gives the galaxy note20 ultra the shocking impression of “only one screen on the front”, which is as high as 3088x With 1440 resolution, reliable diamond pixel layout and the industry’s first 120Hz adaptive refresh rate technology, the technology can automatically adjust the screen refresh rate according to what users browse, bringing users a more “intelligent” screen experience. Not only that, its maximum peak brightness of 1500 nit, but also to the flagship aircraft King brought delicate and real color performance, even in the sun can also present a clear image. < / P > < p > at this conference, Samsung was also proud to highlight the powerful entertainment and imaging capabilities of the galaxy note20 series. However, “redefining the productivity of smart phones” is the core concept that this 10-year-old Android giant has always adhered to. The new galaxy note20 series, it can be said, once again profoundly interprets “Samsung is productivity”, and once again, it has greatly widened the experience gap with other products. < / P > < p > when Samsung launched its first Galaxy note in 2011, the whole industry was surprised by the changes in the interaction mode of smart phones brought by “large screen + pressure sensitive pen”. On the one hand, the larger screen allows the mobile phone to present richer content, which makes it possible to split screen and multitask; on the other hand, Samsung uses the s Pen electromagnetic pressure sensitive pen is completely different from ordinary pen. It not only brings accurate touch operation ability to the capacitive screen of mobile phone for the first time, but also endows the original handwriting handwriting and accurate drawing ability of professional drawing equipment to smart phone. < / P > < p > with the continuous update and iteration of the note series, the performance of s pen is also constantly optimized, and the increase of new functions has become one of the important points of each galaxy note series launch. For example, on the previous generation of galaxy note10 series, we ushered in the s-pen with built-in super capacitor, independent Bluetooth connection capability and remote control of mobile phone for the first time. On the new galaxy note20 series, the s pen not only continues the rechargeable and remote control design, but also ushers in a new breakthrough in basic writing performance. After studying the user’s experience of writing and drawing with s pen, Samsung’s product engineers have found out the reason why consumers feel the “pressure feeling” experience is not strong. The basic reason is the pressure feeling of the pen, the software processing signal, and finally the handwriting displayed on the screen, resulting in response delay. < / P > < p > in view of this, the enhanced version of s pen not only improves the accuracy of strokes, but also adjusts the speed of writing. In this way, the delay between the user’s writing and the actual display of the handwriting on the screen can be greatly reduced, without affecting the authenticity of the final recorded handwriting. In addition, the 120 Hz high refresh rate screen of galaxy note20 ultra is also adapted for s pen. With the addition of two new technologies, the writing delay of s pen can be reduced to only 9ms, reaching a level that can not be detected completely. In addition, the enhanced version of s pen also takes the writing experience to a new height. Users can feel the unprecedented real “writing” feeling on the screen of galaxy note20 series, just like on paper or canvas. < / P > < p > if s pen is the hardware core of Galaxy Note Series in terms of productivity, then Samsung notebook software with it can be said to be the key for Galaxy note series to become professional productivity. From simple recording function with s pen at the beginning, to drawing tasks with professional requirements, Samsung notes has become the most convenient recording method and the most powerful creative assistant in Galaxy Note Series. < / P > < p > and in the galaxy note20 series, the improvement of Samsung notebook function is also reflected in the enhancement of “record” and “creation”. < / P > < p > first of all, thanks to the flagship mobile platform of galaxy note20 series, Samsung notes can automatically organize and recognize handwritten content this time. For example, sometimes in a hurry, the handwritten notes we leave on our mobile phones may be messy, and even after a period of time, we can’t recognize what we wrote. At this time, if you are using the galaxy note20 series, just press the button on the s pen, and Samsung notes will automatically recognize the contents written or drawn, making the messy handwriting clear and the scrawled drawing horizontal and vertical. It can even automatically convert handwritten content into text documents, so as to avoid the trouble of users’ second transcription. < / P > < p > secondly, sometimes when we take notes, the amount of information recorded by “handwriting” and drawing is still not rich enough, which is why many friends like to take notes and record at the same time. Before that, we need to use a mobile phone to record, or we need to use a mobile phone to record words. In view of this, Galaxy For the first time, the note20 series adds support for synchronous recording to Samsung notes. It does not only mean that you can record notes and drawings while recording with only one mobile phone. What’s more, Samsung notes will automatically add time stamp to the notes at this time, so that it can completely synchronize recording when playing back, bringing extremely efficient recording experience. < / P > < p > not only that, Samsung even considered the continuity of content creation in galaxy note20 series. Note content can also appear directly in your computer’s note. In this way, the inspiration and sketches written down on the mobile phone can be easily completed on the PC, and there is no need to re draw on the computer while looking at the mobile phone. < / P > < p > even the new Samsung notes can support direct annotation in PDF documents, or save illustrated notes as PowerPoint slides, which used to be done by computers. Now on the galaxy note20 series, with its powerful performance, the brand-new s pen, and Samsung notebook, which has broken the barrier between mobile phone and PC, we can complete daily work and even creation with a single mobile phone. < / P > < p > as we all know, for us in the digital age, mobile phones have become the main equipment used in work, life and entertainment, and its importance even exceeds the traditional PC to some extent. < / P > < p > of course, we can say that the reason why Galaxy note20 series can achieve the above-mentioned magical functions is closely related to its powerful top-level hardware configuration and Samsung as the leading enterprise in the entire industry chain of smart phones. But on the other hand, to achieve unprecedented productivity on smart phones with innovative technology is actually the direction of continuous efforts of the galaxy note family since 2011. Without the continuous development and improvement of the previous nine years, how could there be the productivity revolution brought about by the galaxy note20 series today? New product launch