What is the relationship between enterprise strength and product?

The core of great enterprises and great brands is products. What is the product? Product is a kind of function, value and solution. In the Internet era, product is a kind of scene.

make charming promises for bad products, but if they can’t meet the expectations of consumers, the products will be completely destroyed. The better such publicity is, the faster the products disappear!

the core of a great brand is the product. The teachings of Philip Kotler, a master of marketing management, echoes in my ears. No matter how the times change, many things will not change. For example, human nature, such as business laws and products bearing brands, have always been there. They will let the times change and the rain blows away. If the first person says that products are the core, the foundation and all marketing ideas The origin of the test, as Philip Kotler said, I think it’s the wisdom of the master. But up to now, we still shout slogans every day: product is the core, is the foundation, that is stupid.

since the product is the core, the foundation and the origin, how to make the product? This is the relationship between us, don’t shout slogans, don’t pour chicken soup!

some people say that there is no Internet thinking. I don’t think so. Just as they say that the product is the first, the core and the origin, the traditional marketing is the same. If you don’t believe that 4P, the product is also the first. Why not the channel or price?

in the Internet age, there is such a thing as Internet thinking, not just tools, because there are still many differences in the concept and thinking level. To say the least, even if we regard the Internet as a tool, it is totally different from the previous operation method.

in this era, what is the logic of product development, is it cost weighted, is it competition oriented, is it market research, is it beating the head?

in my opinion, these are all past forms. Instead, there is the degradation of product functions, that is, the property of using products to meet the most basic material needs of consumers is deteriorating. For example, some popular online products, online stores, and even webcast are not only providing you with a product, but also based on the ritual sense, atmosphere or other basic physical and functional attributes to cultural needs, social and spiritual needs. This is the logic of future product development.

Author: zmhuaxia