What is the relationship between XR and 5g after the launch of the global XR content telecommunication alliance?

According to sina science and technology, on September 1, the global XR content telecommunication alliance was officially launched by means of cloud signing. The alliance was jointly launched by China Telecom, LG U + of South Korea, KDDI of Japan, bell of Canada, Qualcomm, Felix & Paul, Altas V and other operators and industry and content partners. < p > < p > China Telecom said that the launch of the global XR content Telecom alliance with global 5g operators, industrial partners and top content Studios is an important step to deepen industrial cooperation and expand the influence of operators in the field of 5g content. < / P > < p > seeing the friends here, I must be wondering, what is XR? When we still have a little knowledge of AR, VR and MR, the new term “XR” suddenly appears, which is really confusing. In addition, what is the relationship between XRD and 5g? < p > < p > on September 1, after the global XR content telecommunication alliance was officially launched, China Telecom said that it would stimulate the technology, application and mode innovation in the field of XR through the continuous cooperation within the alliance, so as to promote the high-quality development of the global XR industry. < / P > < p > the establishment of XR Telecom alliance is based on 5g era and serves to improve the user experience of next generation media and applications. This includes increasing investment in high-quality XR content, supporting high-quality original XR content, developing more XR related applications, and bringing unique immersive experience to users. It can be said that XR is an important part in the construction of 5g ecology. < / P > < p > this year, China Telecom and Qualcomm jointly hosted the “2020 qcomm XR Innovation Application Challenge”, which created a platform for creative exchange of global XR industry and promoted the development of China’s XR industry. From the literal sense, the full name of XR is extended reality, which refers to the generation of a real and virtual combination of human-computer interaction environment through computer technology and wearable devices. Extended reality includes augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and so on. So, what are the definitions of AR, VR and Mr? < p > < p > VR is virtual reality, a popular new human-computer interaction method in recent years. It is learned that this concept was proposed in the 1960s and 1970s; AR is augmented reality, which is a mixture of reality and virtual reality, which was proposed in 1990. Its idea is to make the virtual and reality “seamless”; MR can mix reality, which is the combination of AR and MR, and the idea of MR is to combine VR In 2015, Microsoft released MR technology, the first holographic computer device that can run independently without cable restrictions. < p > < p > in short, XR is actually the collective name of VR, AR and Mr. it is a virtual world from a limited number of sensors to a completely immersive virtual world. For example, the famous director Steven Spielberg’s film should be the embryonic form of the future development of XR. < p > < p > at present, there are many difficulties in the realization of XR technology without 5g full coverage. First, XR needs to switch between virtual and real world, such as the problem of focusing the line of sight. If it is not solved effectively, it will easily lead to visual fatigue and discomfort. Secondly, in terms of motion tracking, XR must realize intelligent capture of head, hand and eye, which requires more accurate 6-DOF tracking; thirdly, in terms of battery and temperature control, it is a big challenge, and the heterogeneous computing ability, battery technology, material technology, software efficiency and other aspects of the chip need to be improved. < / P > < p > in the final analysis, to completely overcome the difficulties of XR technology, we must build on the excellent and stable 5g network. If we lose the support of network speed, how can we achieve the perfect “line of sight focusing”? In addition, the delay of action tracking with milliseconds will bring bad user experience, and the instability of network signal will increase the loss of battery. < / P > < p > a few days ago, it was reported that at present, 5g related civil applications seem to be “the wind and the rain drop is small”. Now, while China is vigorously developing 5g civilian applications, the emerging contents and applications of XR are not just typical cases of 5g network technology serving the people? China Telecom’s accession to the global XR content Telecom alliance can be said to really make 5g serve the people, because 5g network, which can’t let the whole people enjoy a better entertainment experience, is a castle in the air that lacks soul and is far away from reach. And isn’t the gradual popularization of XR Technology injecting soul into 5g? Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia