What is the significance of Xiaomi 10 “super large cup” 48mp? The engineer finally confessed

These pictures are the same as those of the professional film exhibitions I participated in before. They also record the beautiful scenery and the feelings of the photographer in the works. The difference is that in the concept of many mobile phone users, the photography function of Xiaomi hand machine is only the appendage of its powerful performance and high cost performance Amazing ability, there are even many “ancestral” nicknames. But just after a few generations of product evolution, Xiaomi mobile phone began to have the industry’s leading shooting performance, and the high-end mobile phone imaging ability has been the pride of Xiaomi. < / P > < p > How can Xiaomi’s mobile phone improve its image ability? In the communication link, Lei technology and professionals from Xiaomi camera department had a close communication. They found out the changes and advanced points of Xiaomi 10’s supreme Commemorative Plate, and had more expectations for Xiaomi’s mobile phone’s photo taking ability in the future. < / P > < p > the Xiaomi camera department is still very young. Since Lei Jun issued an internal letter on May 13, 2018, this R & D department directly related to the image ability of mobile phones is only “two years old”. Dr. Yi Yan, general manager of Xiaomi’s camera department, told us that Xiaomi divides the development of mobile phone image into “three steps”: seeing the mountain is a mountain, seeing a mountain is not a mountain, seeing a mountain is still a mountain. < / P > < p > first of all, the mobile phone can restore the objective and real picture and record it accurately, that is, “seeing a mountain is a mountain”. Therefore, Xiaomi has made great efforts to strengthen infrastructure construction and invited a large number of experts, many of whom have more than 30 years of industry experience. Dr. Yi Yan, product director of the camera department, Mr. Miao Lei, an optical expert and Xiao Lin Du, a sensor expert, were all present. < / P > < p > at present, Xiaomi camera department has expanded from 100 people at the beginning of its establishment to 800 people, and has established 10 R & D centers around the world, with complete R & D capability and two subjective / objective image quality assessment teams. Xiaomi believes that emotion is also the element conveyed by the picture and needs to be satisfied. The improvement of this part is reflected in the customized hardware and self-developed algorithm. The 108mp main camera and AI recognition of Xiaomi cc9 Pro are the progress of this realization. < / P > < p > finally, we should understand and create the world, continuously break through and define the boundaries of optical hardware and algorithms, bring about the evolution of mobile phone images combining the real world and the virtual world, and “challenge the technological no man’s land”. At present, millet products have not reflected much “see mountain or mountain” results, but millet is actively pre research, is expected to meet users in the future. < / P > < p > the supreme commemorative edition of Xiaomi 10 has achieved many milestone improvements. It has four high-quality rear cameras and supports hardware dual native ISO Fusion super dynamic technology and chip level single frame progressive HDR technology, 2x optical zoom, 5x optical zoom and up to 120x digital zoom. 8K video can be recorded for both main camera and ultra long focus. There are also computing photography capabilities such as super moon mode and one key length exposure. < p > < p > many breakthroughs in Xiaomi’s imaging ability are based on the achievements of engineering challenges one after another. Hou shared with us the unknown story behind it. The main camera adopts ov48c sensor from Howe. The 1 / 1.32 inch area brings challenges to the optical structure design. Finally, Xiaomi achieves mass production by introducing 8p lens and new assembly technology. The imx586 sensor is used in periscope telephoto. In order to control the thickness, the lens is D-cut, and the useless part is cut off, but the refractive index of multiple lenses is low. For this reason, Xiaomi has developed a device to help the lens focus actively. The active optical axis is used to calibrate the accurate and long focal optical performance. Ultra wide angle is confronted with the confrontation of analytical force and distortion. The balance is achieved by combining the improved curvature with 7p lens and AI algorithm distortion compensation. < p > < p > Kobayashi explained a lot of details of Xiaomi 10’s supreme Memorial edition, such as the 4-fold increase in the dynamic range of 1.2 μ m single pixel area brought by the pixel 4in1; the dual native ISO fusion ultra dynamic technology means that the data in hCG mode and LCG mode can be read at the same time in one exposure, which can improve the HDR capability and signal-to-noise ratio of mobile phones, enhance the noise reduction ability, and can be used for photographing and video recording. < / P > < p > in order to avoid the “ghost” phenomenon caused by multiple exposure gaps and moving objects in HDR, Xiaomi deeply uses ov48c’s single frame progressive HDR technology to infinitely reduce the time interval between traditional exposures and minimize the negative impact of ghost images on works. < / P > < p > after the sharing session, experts from Xiaomi camera department also answered some questions about the video part of Xiaomi’s mobile phone, so that the present and future of Xiaomi’s mobile phone’s photo taking ability will become clearer. < / P > < p > different manufacturers’ photographic equipment will output different color styles. Since the era when professional cameras occupy the mainstream position, it has been a trend. With the improvement of mobile phone image ability, many brands have formed their own unique color styles. However, millet does not have a distinctive color style, which is somewhat different. The explanation given by Xiaomi is that there is a relationship between color style and brand tonality, and color belongs to the perceptual part. A style may not be suitable for everyone, and it can also be applied to different color styles in different occasions. At present, Xiaomi still pursues diversified color styles of thousands of people and faces, so as to meet the taste of more people. As for the “route problem” of high pixel and big bottom, Xiaomi thinks that ultra-high resolution and fast imaging are two parallel routes, and each has its own applicable scene. The use of the bottom is to move in the general direction of the industry. For them, no matter what the direction of the sensor, as long as the sensor area is the same, it can be regarded as the same type. < / P > < p > from last year’s Xiaomi cc9 pro to this year’s Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 pro and Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, there will be embarrassment that it is easy to shoot fingers in ultra wide angle position when shooting vertically. Xiaomi camera department also admitted that it has realized that this is not a good experience. At present, it is cooperating with industrial design departments to study possible improvement directions. < / P > < p > with regard to the details mentioned in the other two users’ feedback of ultra wide angle, the edge distortion and the close range resolution power decrease. Xiaomi responds that: distortion can be used as a function of shooting “long legs” and other special effects, and the distortion compensation based on the algorithm will make new progress in the near future; Xiaomi is more inclined to focus at a long distance, and the current solution is not the best, and the current solution is still improving, and the algorithm will be the same Important role. < p > < p > Xiaomi’s mobile phone camera hardware has greatly improved, but the photo album app, which is responsible for browsing, sorting, sharing, cloud synchronization and other experiences, has not changed much. The camera department said that during the period of its establishment, it still gave priority to the improvement of basic image ability, but the album was also undergoing iterative improvement simultaneously. Users are expected to see earth shaking changes at the end of the year or early next year. < / P > < p > no matter whether it is the public information or the explanation process, Xiaomi regards the continuous improvement of DxO score of the products and the top of the list for many times as an important achievement. However, while DxOMark became the No.1 mobile phone imaging ability list, it also received external queries such as the opaque rating process and the inability to represent the real photographic experience. Therefore, everyone was curious about Xiaomi’s future views on DxO. < p > < p > Yi Yan, who was responsible for the introduction of DxO into China, answered in person. She said that there are a lot of emotional parts in the field of imaging, but manufacturers need to be able to make auxiliary standards for numerical judgment. As long as the DxO score is still in the right direction, Xiaomi will continue to send for testing and participate in scoring. At the same time, Xiaomi is also setting up a team to objectively evaluate the image, and will not only listen to the opinions of one family. < / P > < p > she also said that the DxO score was not the goal of Xiaomi’s image team, it was just a fruit picked by hand. DxO evaluation project is not the most comprehensive and does not represent the real experience. After providing Xiaomi with the assistance of improving the image ability of mobile phone, the party who can really evaluate it is still the users. As for the ultimate goal of Xiaomi’s mobile phone imaging ability, experts in the camera department are full of confidence: product director Miao Lei said that we should “be a world-class camera”. Sensor expert Kobayashi also said that we should use top sensors to create the most perfect image quality. < / P > < p > this is a question that consumers have asked a lot in the background of the software and hardware of the video part of smart phones in recent years. Limited by the size and other factors, mobile phones have always been unable to compare with professional cameras. There is still a big gap in depth of field, photosensitivity and shooting functions, and it is impossible to completely replace the latter. < / P > < p > however, the advantages of mobile phones always exist, providing as many functions as possible in the volume of portability as possible. Communication, multimedia, games, as well as photographing and video recording have been covered by ordinary people. When you see a moment worth recording, when you want to take it up and take a picture, you usually use your mobile phone instead of a professional camera that is not friendly in volume and weight. Today’s people like to say that the major change of “inventing mobile phone again” is gone. Indeed, the shape of mobile phone is fixed, and it is difficult to make more changes. However, there are still many details that can not be achieved in the mobile phone. The image ability is one of them. The pursuit of recording the moment and real restoration is far from being satisfied. < / P > < p > taking photos and videos is also an obvious improvement point that most people can perceive. Everyone has the instinct to pursue higher quality pictures, and naturally they will prefer products with stronger imaging capabilities. After mobile phone mobile phone, the mobile phone automatically takes the road of improving image capability, which represents the advanced nature of the smart phone industry. < / P > < p > on the way to improve Xiaomi’s image ability, I saw a company’s action to catch up with and make up for the shortcomings of its products, as well as the judgment and courage to grasp the latest trends of the industry and make decisions. From making video software and hardware to making the whole mobile phone, these forces are indispensable, which is also the real reason why Xiaomi 10 series, including the supreme commemorative version of Xiaomi 10, is recognized as a high-end product. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer

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