What is the UWB technology of Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra?

After the launch of Samsung Galaxy note20 series, the larger and better 120Hz adaptive refresh rate screen, the enhanced s pen, the as usual strong performance, and the ecological cooperation system closely connected with tablet, watch and earphone have become the focus of hot discussion both inside and outside the industry. But in fact, the upgrading and innovation of Samsung Galaxy note20 series is more than that, especially the “Super Cup” Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra, which has more different experiences than before, which is worth our further understanding. Among them, the first carried UWB space sensing technology is an innovation that can not be ignored, especially the accuracy and convenience of the technology and its broad application scenarios, which will bring new application experience to consumers and the industry. < / P > < p > in the view of the industry, the development and application of UWB Technology on smart phones is enough to surprise people. At present, there are not a few cases of using UWB technology as the core in the market, and it is rare to apply this technology to mobile phones. However, with the launch and application of Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra, the advantages of UWB technology, such as high precision, low delay, low power consumption, large capacity, easy operation and expandability, will be gradually revealed. < p > < p > UWB technology is similar to the existing mobile phone application technologies such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, but compared with these technologies, it has its own irreplaceable advantages. For example, in terms of communication range, UWB technology has centimeter accuracy, high transmission speed and high security, low power consumption and other advantages. It has a convenient and reliable application experience for user’s personal LAN communication, that is, indoor equipment communication interconnection. As a result, Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra is applying this technology to enable users to experience more efficient interconnection of devices by taking advantage of its features. < p > < p > in this regard, Samsung’s R & D personnel said that on Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra, UWB technology was the first to realize the “targeted sharing” function, such as convenient file efficient and accurate transmission. When users use Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra to share files to another Samsung mobile phone that supports UWB technology, UWB technology can identify nearby devices that can be shared. When users point the mobile phone in the direction of sharing devices, the device will be highlighted on the top of the sharing panel of the mobile phone screen. After mutual confirmation, the files can be transmitted at an ultra high rate. In this operation process, UWB technology ensures efficient transmission rate, and also ensures that files will not be transferred to other devices due to misoperation, so that users can enjoy an efficient sharing experience. < / P > < p > of course, in addition to the “targeted sharing” function, Samsung will further expand the application scope of UWB Technology in the future. Using the characteristics of the technology, users will enjoy the “sharing nearby” experience brought by its precise positioning feature, that is, through cooperation with AR technology, users can more easily find items that support the same technology; or as a “digital smart key”, users can open the access control and door when they go home, or enter or leave the office space, etc Etc. < / P > < p > for UWB technology, the majority of people in the industry have high expectations for it, and think that UWB technology will be the key and core to solve the indoor interconnection communication in the future era of Internet of all things. Especially now, with the application of smart phones, its important role as the home Internet control center will open up more rich application scenarios for UWB Technology in mobile payment, home appliances or Internet of things devices and other consumer applications, so that innovative technology can further enable the life of consumers. So if you want to be a beneficiary of UWB technology, Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra is a good choice. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine