What is white balance? What are the white balance modes? How to use it in live shooting?

White is the base color of the camera, and the white color is adjusted to make the camera recognize the white color. Simply put, no matter how the light changes, white balance can define a function of white. White balance adjustment function can be understood as color temperature compensation, which refers to adjusting the proportion of red, green and blue primary colors in white light to make photos closer to people’s visual habits. < / P > < p > in addition to the automatic white balance, the digital SLR camera also provides six preset white balances for sunlight, shadow, cloudy day, tungsten filament lamp, white fluorescent lamp and flash lamp, which are respectively suitable for some common typical environments. Selecting these preset white balance can quickly obtain the required settings. The white balance mode of tungsten filament lamp is suitable for shooting banquets, weddings and stage performances. Due to the low color temperature, it can get better color restoration. Shooting other scenes will make the color of the picture blue, which seriously affects the color restoration. The difference is that the color temperature of fluorescent lamp white balance is closer to the color temperature of existing light source than that of tungsten filament lamp, so the color is relatively close to the original color. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!