What kind of cell phone do you use to shoot videos? Image flagship vivo X50 Pro! Easy movie shooting

It is not difficult to find that the performance of flagship mobile phones is almost the same, and the system and imaging capabilities are the most able to open the gap between flagship mobile phones. Some time ago, vivo released its flagship of X series images, vivo X50, which is the main photography and thin X series. This image flagship has been affirmed by many netizens after its official sale, and has also been praised by many domestic and foreign media. Some time ago, the well-known domestic film and television Team @ film and television hurricane was invited to complete a surprising challenge — using vivo X50 pro to imitate and shoot classic clips in famous movies! < / P > < p > people who know “little plum” should have seen or heard of this movie. This movie can be described as a masterpiece. There are only a few lines in the whole play. Almost all the things the screenwriter wants to express are expressed by camera language. It is such a different work that @ movie hurricane can be perfectly imitated by vivo X50 pro. From the following GIF picture, we can see that the finished product of vivo X50 Pro hand-held photography has a very high degree of reduction, and has a very real scene atmosphere, which makes it impossible to distinguish whether it is a real or an imitation. The reason why the imitation shooting can be so perfect is not only because @ movie and television hurricane has a strong strength, but also because vivo X50 Pro has excellent anti shake performance, which can let users shoot more blockbuster works. < / P > < p > we have heard the word “micro cloud platform” for a long time, but perhaps we have not seen the strength of micro cloud platform. The environment of the shooting scene is very bad. It is very difficult to shoot a stable video in the mire. Even the camera group shot with professional equipment has shot many times to get the final film. However, the @ movie hurricane shot by mobile phone can also shoot the works without losing the positive film. @The reason why the film and television hurricane can shoot such perfect works is due to the built-in micro cloud platform of vivo X50 pro. This micro pan tilt can greatly improve the anti shake angle of the mobile phone, making the shooting picture more stable, so that the perfect long lens can be shot in the mud. < / P > < p > in the past, film level shooting was very difficult, requiring a group of photographers around a camera to shoot perfectly. Now, only one person who can use a mobile phone and a vivo X50 Pro are required to complete film level shooting. Today’s vivo X50 Pro can meet the needs of most people’s photography. Whether it is fixed-point shooting or moving the mirror, the vivo X50 pro with built-in micro pan tilt can help users easily complete. Although the image quality of vivo X50 Pro can not be compared with professional film shooting equipment, isn’t convenience a very important advantage? < / P > < p > in this short video era, mobile phone photography ability becomes more and more important. Learning to shoot short video is equivalent to entering a new era ahead of time. If you want to start a 5g flagship with strong photography ability, vivo X50 Pro is a great choice! New product launch