What kind of cell phone do you use to shoot videos? Vivo X50 pro with micro pan tilt is the only choice!

Vivo’s latest image flagship, vivo X50, has been on the market for some time. Its strong stability has been highly praised by the media at home and abroad as well as many users. Not long ago, the well-known film and television Team @ movie and television hurricane completed a special challenge with vivo X50 pro – making movies! With the brilliant shooting stability of micro pan tilt, the camera of vivo X50 Pro presents excellent texture and extremely stable video picture! < / P > < p > this time, the well-known film and television Team @ film and television hurricane accepted the shooting challenge from vivo – shooting movie pictures with vivo X50 pro. Friends who have a little knowledge of film and television production all know that picture stability is an important aspect to distinguish between professional and amateur. Compared with the stable equipment such as stannikon used in the traditional film industry, mobile phones are obviously slightly inferior. The vivo X50 pro, equipped with micro pan tilt, shows its stability incisively and vividly! In the film can be seen, the stability of the picture is quite amazing, it is hard to imagine, this is the picture obtained by hand shooting without any stable equipment! < / P > < p > and it is the micro cloud platform carried by vivo X50 Pro that provides super stable imaging images for this simulation shot. This micro pan tilt adopts a unique double ball suspension structure. When shooting the picture, the micro pan tilt will rotate with the mobile phone’s movement. With the help of EIS anti shake, it can significantly eliminate the jitter of the picture and enhance the stability of the picture. As can be seen from the imitated shots and the behind the scenes scenes scenes, the complex outdoor shooting greatly increases the difficulty of moving the mirror and moving the position. However, with the help of the micro pan tilt with outstanding stability, it highly restores and reproduces a classic picture in, presenting a professional imaging effect. < / P > < p > and from the imitation shooting challenge completed by @ movie and television hurricane, we can see that the great improvement of anti shake performance of mobile phones brings more possibilities for photo creation. In the past, limited by the image ability of mobile phones, mobile phones could only complete some simple picture recording. The arrival of vivo X50 pro with micro pan tilt is an unprecedented new shooting experience. Even ordinary users can use vivo X50 Pro without any stable auxiliary equipment to shoot pictures with professional level and texture! < / P > < p > the arrival of vivo X50 Pro not only means the further improvement of image ability, but also reflects the breakthrough and innovation of mobile phone anti shake technology. Vivo uses a micro pan tilt with strong anti shake performance to demonstrate its outstanding achievements in the field of imaging for many years, as well as excellent innovation consciousness. The vivo X50 Pro equipped with micro PTZ may become a new generation of shooting tools, enabling the short video era! Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list