What kind of photos can ordinary people take with it?

When it comes to the most satisfying mobile phone used in recent years, it is one plus eight. Since I started with one plus eight, in addition to the generally acknowledged good screen quality, online appearance, excellent workmanship and excellent performance, what I like most is its photographic effect. During the nearly half year of using it as the main machine, the author has taken three photos of its excellent comprehensive performance Many scenery photos and cultural photos make me feel the charm of photography.

one plus 8 uses a three awesome combination of force. The main sensor is Sony IMX586 sensor and f/2.4 large aperture, pixel 48 million, which supports OIS optical shake and EIS electronic anti shake. As for Sony imx586 sensor, I think we are all familiar with it. In addition, we have carried out accurate adjustment for it, so as to bring better photographic performance. In addition, with the blessing of high pixels and large aperture, the resolution of the picture is better, and the dark light display ability of the camera is significantly improved. < / P > < p > the following picture is a real photo taken by the main camera of 48 million pixels with one plus eight. In order to record the characteristic buildings under the blue sky and white clouds in the outdoor with sufficient light, the author directly turned on the camera to record the beautiful scenery at that time. It is worth mentioning that in the process of taking photos, the author did not choose any of the camera options, and more accurate and straight out this photo So the photo taking experience is still great. In terms of actual effect, the one plus eight camera does a good job in color processing and details when accurately restoring the actual picture. The whole picture looks more pleasing to the eye, basically reaching the level of sending friends circle without the later P-map. < / P > < p > ultra wide angle lens has become an indispensable element in mobile phone camera because of its ability to accommodate a wider range of scenery and enhance the playability of taking pictures. The super wide angle lens with one plus eight can well reflect this point. First of all, it is equipped with imx481 16 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, and the field of view angle can reach 116 degrees. From the following pictures, we can see that the edge of the original main shot “can’t reach” is also presented, which gives a sense of magnificence. In addition, the pain point of edge distortion in super wide angle is easy to appear, which is also solved by one plus eight. The excellent performance of super wide angle is conducive to giving full play to the subjective initiative of the creator. < / P > < p > sometimes, for photography enthusiasts, shooting at different angles and different focal segments can bring a bright effect in front of the eyes. The author also tested the performance of one plus eight in double zoom. We still choose to shoot in the outdoor environment. From the real picture, the overall impression is consistent with the double view, which shows that the performance of the one plus eight camera is highly unified. At the same time, the details can still be seen clearly after zooming in. The “cocktail and whisky bar” in the distance is not blurred, which shows that its long focus shooting is still excellent and can meet most of the shooting needs 。 < / P > < p > in addition, one plus eight is equipped with a macro lens to meet users’ demand for macro shooting. The author usually likes to have a drink in the bar, so I took the following picture. From the actual effect, the words of beer near the main body are clearly visible, and even the dust attached to the bottle body is also shown. At the same time, the virtual effect is also in place, and there is no situation that the primary and secondary are not divided. Therefore, the macro shooting effect of one plus eight is very good. < / P > < p > from the samples taken with one plus eight in the past six months, its excellent photographic quality and excellent adjustment make it easy to cope with both ordinary shooting, long focus, macro range and ultra wide angle. This also proves that one plus eight is not only suitable for the use of the beauty party, but also suitable for the choice of the photographers. This also greatly increases the frequency of my photos in the past six months. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally