What makes Apple worth $2 trillion?

On August 19, Apple’s market value exceeded $2 trillion after the opening of trading, creating the history of Wall Street. Apple became the first American listed company with a market value of $2 trillion.

However, in subsequent trading, Apple’s share price failed to maintain a high level of $468, and finally closed at $462.83, with a total market value of $1.98 trillion.

in the past two years, Apple’s stock has been rising all the way, and its stock price has risen by nearly 60% this year. In 2019, the stock price has risen by 120%, and its market value has also gone from $1 trillion in the second half of 2018 to $2 trillion, consolidating Apple’s position as the world’s highest market value. After apple, Amazon and Microsoft are both worth less than $1.7 trillion.

Apple’s latest financial report shows that Apple’s revenue in the third quarter of 2020 is 59.69 billion US dollars, and the net profit is 11.25 billion US dollars. The year-on-year growth rates of both data are more than 10%. Revenue exceeded market expectations.

in the Chinese market, Apple’s performance is still strong. IPhone sales in China rose 225% month on month in the second quarter, making it the fastest growing smartphone manufacturer in China in the quarter, according to research institutes.

according to the counterpoint research list, Apple’s iPhone is far ahead in the Chinese market, and the iPhone 11 has become the best-selling model. In the second quarter of this year, the 4G iPhone 11 beat rival 5g models to top the list.

in the U.S. market, Apple’s iPhone also occupies three places in the top five, which is also the No.1 iPhone 11. In addition, the best-selling smartphones in Germany, Britain and Japan were all taken over by the iPhone 11.

a mobile phone analyst told AI Finance: “iPhone 11 and iPhone se2 have helped Apple successfully broaden its user base.” The latter is a low-cost version of Apple launched this year, which is also sought after in online shopping activities such as tmall and pinduoduo.

the 5g iPhone to be released in the second half of the year also boosted Apple’s share price. After more than a year behind, apple powder will also usher in the apple mobile phone with 5g function. And analysts are optimistic about the iPhone 12.

“on the whole, we believe that the delayed launch of iPhone 12 will affect Apple’s iPhone shipment performance in the third quarter. But the negative impact is temporary and limited, and iPhone shipments will rebound rapidly in the fourth quarter. ” The analysts told AI financial news agency.

Moreover, according to the analysis of the AR industry, Apple’s autumn conference will have new products “colored eggs” after the completion of the three major links of hardware, software and service, and the “probable rate” will be ar glasses. Apple’s ar glasses have been rumored for a long time and are expected to be released this year.

at the same time, due to the high share price, Apple has decided to split the stock on August 31, splitting the existing one share into four shares, so as to reduce the entry threshold for investors and increase the liquidity of the stock.

since this year, the epidemic has affected the global economy, but the stock markets in many countries have gone against the trend. An expert in the field of economics told AI finance and economics news agency that in the current economic environment, the loose monetary policy adopted by various countries is the basis for the strength of the stock market.

“the whole economy is in a downward cycle, and there is an epidemic situation. A lot of liquidity has been released all over the world. From the perspective of asset allocation, four major types of assets – bonds, equity stocks, physical assets and cash – are now encouraged to live without speculation, and they dare not flow to small and medium-sized enterprises with operational difficulties. Where can these money flow? It can only be the stock market. ” He said that Apple’s high-tech and future growth enterprises are high-quality targets for current investment. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

Author: zmhuaxia