What notebooks are worth recommending? (full version)

Today, the author will recommend several products at one time. Although double.11 has passed and the price of many notebook products has risen, there are still many “beautiful” models worth buying. Generally, the recommendation period of a product can be extended for half a year. If you want to buy a notebook now, you can also buy it You can collect them first. Maybe you can use them one day. < p > < p > Product Introduction: Lenovo Xiaoxin 13pro adopts the minimalist design of metal body, 2.5k/16:10 IPS mirror screen, face recognition and support the function of opening the cover to start up, etc. In terms of performance, the processor Pl1 in beast mode is as high as 35W, which makes the i5 level low-voltage processor approach the performance of standard pressure processor for a time. Of course, this is inseparable from the heat dissipation module with dual fans and double copper tubes and the silicone grease material with high thermal conductivity. < p > < p > Product Introduction: NVY 13 is a very mature product series, and its appearance design has its own unique style characteristics, which is very eye-catching. In detail design, we fully consider the needs of users and strive for perfection. There is no weakness in the performance configuration. After upgrading to the 10th generation core processor, the envy 13 has made a new improvement in performance, and still maintains its own mainstream price “bucket machine” positioning. How can consumers not love such a lightweight “internal and external repair” product? < p > < p > Product Introduction: Puxing 14 light and thin is a product that focuses on the concept of fashion and thinness. Its appearance design is attractive to young consumers, and it is an impeccable high-value product in the same price. In terms of product functionality and performance performance, it uses the best performance and hardware configuration to give consumers the best use experience. High appearance, high performance and high cost performance are the reasons why HP star 14 series products sell well. < p > < p > Product Introduction: from the overall product experience, a Dou notebook 13 is indeed an all-round youth product with personality and internal. It has a small fuselage and personalized color, and has outstanding performance in details such as the shaft, and at the same time in the proportion of the screen, control experience is also good. The most important thing is that under its new appearance, it has good performance. It can not only play lol, but also has excellent endurance, with all-round performance. Such a beautiful and powerful product can not only win the favor of young groups, but also feel that it is a new notebook product worthy of recommendation. < / P > < p > Product Introduction: Dell Lingyue 145000 is still an impressive machine in the appearance design. The addition of metal makes the texture of the whole machine improve obviously. At the same time, the practical concept saves a lot of trouble in the actual use of the machine. In addition, it has enough performance to ensure the smooth operation of the whole machine. Although there is a bit of regret, but the shortcomings can not hide the advantages, Lingyue 145000 is still a comprehensive strength of the product. < p > < p > Product Introduction: in general, Lenovo’s savior y7000p 2019 is a game book enough to be distracted. The appearance is low-key and does not lose the sense of power. In terms of performance, there are beast mode and independent direct connection technology to squeeze the two core hardware. At the same time, TSI cooling system ensures the comfortable temperature of C surface. Of course, the screen and keyboard fully consider the actual needs of game players. < / P > < p > Product Introduction: compared with the price, in the first-line game book, the price of competitive products with the same configuration is not cheaper than shadow spirit 5. Especially in the promotion of shadow spirit 5, the price of 6299 yuan is almost the cheapest one with the same configuration in the first-line game book. Even if it is put in the second-line game book, it has certain competitiveness and high cost performance. It is also a combination of these factors, I personally recommend that students buy this shadow spirit 5. < / P > < p > Product Introduction: the mechanical revolution still uses 72% color gamut IPS screen and narrow frame elements on the screen of z2air. The 5.2mm ultra narrow frame brings up to 86% of the screen. With its exquisite and compact body, it realizes the 15.6 inch high performance in the form of approximately 14 inch light and thin version. This greatly reduces the weight of the notebook, which is one of the secrets of the game to keep the weight at 1.8kg. < / P > < p > Product Introduction: in addition to the new upgrade of hardware configuration, the biggest highlight of Raytheon’s fifth generation 911 is the use of 16.6-inch video game screen. This pure high-performance game has excellent performance in running point test and game test. If you are also a game loving player, this product is definitely a very good choice 。 < / P > < p > Product Introduction: compared with the previous z7, the mold design of Ares z7m is more refined. It does not use metal drawing technology to make it appear more low-key and introverted. For game players, z7m is undoubtedly a product with high overall cost performance recently. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. 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