What the camera is photographing is the truth? Or image?

Photography was first invented as a recording technology. However, with the development of photography, photography has gone out of the domain of pure recording and entered the palace of art. Due to its unique language and unique visual expression, photography has been recognized by more and more people in terms of artistic value. Photographic works have been collected by more and more collectors, and the collection by major museums is a proof. Of course, photography still has the function of recording the real world and real events, but photography has the function of expressing the photographer’s deep thinking through some parts or combination of some elements in the real world. The purpose of photography is to reveal the truth, so documentary photography is to restore the truth and record the truth. This is an important genre of photography. For example, sports photography is like this, recording what happened and restoring the truth of things. Photography is not limited to the recording of the truth. We all know that a thing, a person, a thing, from different angles, will have different meanings. For example, we can photograph a tree from the bottom to the top, which can reflect its height. If we only take pictures of its new leaf buds, it is a reflection of the new force. If we take pictures of its textured bark, we may want to reflect the vicissitudes of time, or use UAVs to shoot from high altitude to show how small the tree is to the forest! Originally, photography is not only a machine for recording the truth, but also a tool for expressing one’s own meaning. Through different lenses, different exposure parameters, different post-processing, and different output means, you can find the most suitable way to express your mood among millions of different combinations. Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?