What to buy 5g mobile phone? Take a look at the top three of the flagship mobile phone performance rankings in July!

The performance ranking list of flagship mobile phones and mid end mobile phones in July has been released by antutou officials recently. As an influential evaluation software in China, the performance score of antutou can reflect the performance of mobile phones. In order to avoid errors, this statistical ranking is not the highest score, but the average score. Among them, the top three in the list of flagship phones are all with strong performance Model, although the same use the snapdragon 865 processor, but they have their own characteristics.

  OPPO Find X2 Pro won the top of the ranking list with an average score of 613048. It can be seen that oppo’s system optimization is really getting better and better. This model not only has the highest performance score, but also has the strongest 6.7-inch screen in this year’s flagship. Its screen resolution is 2K + and supports 120Hz high refresh rate. The screen pixel density has reached an amazing 513ppi. From the screen hardware point of view, it absolutely won the first place in this year’s domestic flagship aircraft. Coupled with the MEMC frame insertion and frame filling technology, even ordinary video is played in high frame rate mode on the screen of oppo find x2 pro. As a top-level domestic flagship machine, oppo find x2 Pro has excellent performance and strong functionality. The camera module is 3200W pixels in front, and there are two 4800W pixel lenses and one 1300W pixel lens in the rear three cameras, which can support up to 10x Optical Zoom and 60x digital zoom. In addition, the appearance of this model is also very high, the classic black color matching shows business atmosphere, other colors show beautiful and colorful. 65W ultra fast flash charging also adds a lot of color to this model. < p > < p > oppo find x2 took the second place in the performance list after its big brother. The screen size is still 6.7 inches. If you look at the front appearance alone, it is not easy to distinguish. Compared with the pro version, the standard version of the fuselage is lighter and thinner. But the hardware configuration is also weaker. After all, oppo find x2 Pro uses lpddr5 flash memory, while the standard version is still the previous generation of lpddr4x flash memory. In terms of photographing, the standard version is much weaker than pro. Although the front camera is still 3200W pixels, the rear camera module is weakened to a combination of 4800W + 1300W + 1200W, and the zoom ratio is much lower. The maximum support is 5 times optical zoom and 20 times digital zoom. In terms of motor, 5g band number and waterproof function, the standard version is slightly weaker than the pro version. After all, the price difference between the two models is 1000 yuan, which is not difficult to understand. However, it also supports 65W fast charging. < / P > < p > this model is an enhanced version of redmi K30 pro, which mainly strengthens the camera and memory collocation. The screen of this model is a 6.67-inch full screen. It uses a lifting front camera. The screen has no holes, but the screen does not support high refresh rate, which is a big failure. < / P > < p > redmi K30 Pro zoom front camera is 2000W pixels, and the rear four camera module, in which the main pixel is 6400w, which has good resolution. Also support OIS optical anti shake function, and this function is not available if it is a non zoom version. In addition, this model is equipped with a 4700mah high-capacity battery, which has good endurance, but the fast charging speed is worse than the above two models, and only supports 33W fast charging. < / P > < p > the above three models are the flagship performance top three in the Angora list in July this year. If you are a strong performance pursuer, then these models are very worth buying, and the powerful performance can make the mobile phone more durable. Privacy Policy