What will happen if Apple phones leave the Chinese market? The expert’s answer is worrisome

Now mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our daily life, whether it is work or life, we will use mobile phone. And the emergence of mobile phones has greatly facilitated people’s lives, we want to contact a person is a matter of minutes, since the emergence of mobile phones, has also been in continuous development. At first, it was a BB machine with only communication function, then it became a cell phone, and then we had the impression of a push-button mobile phone. Until the birth of Apple mobile phone, many people’s imagination of mobile phone was overturned. For the first time, people see a cell phone without buttons. Instead, it’s a whole screen. When Apple mobile phone first appeared in the Chinese market, it caused a fanatical pursuit. At that time, the price of Apple mobile phone was not cheap, but there were still a lot of people flocking to it. However, the emergence of various kinds of mobile phones in China has increased the pressure on the United States, especially the emergence of Huawei mobile phones, which makes the United States move to suppress the mind. What will be the consequences once Apple mobile phones withdraw from the Chinese market? The expert’s answer is worrisome. < p > < p > more than a decade ago, there were almost no rivals in the Chinese market for Apple mobile phones. Even if the price of Apple mobile phones was much higher than other mobile phones, many people would still choose apple phones. Because the appearance and performance of Apple mobile phones are much better than domestic mobile phones, plus many people have vanity, so the sales volume of Apple mobile phones has been very high. However, in recent years, with the rise of domestic mobile phones and the rising price of Apple mobile phones, some of them have even exceeded 10000 yuan. Apple is originally a commodity that is constantly losing, and many people feel that there is no need to invest too much in it. As a result, Apple’s sales have declined, even more so than in the past. In recent years, the United States’ hostility to China has been on the surface. Huawei, China’s largest company, has been forced into a desperate situation. Later, trump also threatened to block wechat, and even spread rumors that the apple market was about to be removed from wechat. This unreasonable provocation not only makes China very angry, but also unacceptable to wechat audiences in the United States. With the increasingly arrogant attitude of the United States, many people think that why can’t China ban American enterprises? For example, apple, as we know it well, will use Huawei mobile phone after a big deal. In this way, we can also support our Chinese enterprises. However, many people in the United States can learn from this kind of behavior? In this regard, Gou Taiming made an analysis. In fact, the interests involved are far more complicated than we imagined. There is no doubt that banning apple in China will certainly make apple suffer heavy losses, because China’s market is very large, and apple is also very dependent on China, Chinese users will create huge value for apple every year. Although Apple has gradually declined in recent years, it is undeniable that it still occupies a place in the Chinese market, and China also has a lot of “fruit powder”. Once apple is banned, these people may not agree, just as Americans oppose the ban on Chinese software. Moreover, Apple has been rooted in China for more than ten years, and has been inseparable from China. China is a world factory, many foreign enterprises will choose to set up factories in China, for example, China now has a OEM factory of apple, Foxconn. Once apple leaves China, then the related enterprises can only go bankrupt. After all, there is no partner from other countries for a while. As a result, a large number of workers are out of work, and China’s economy will be hit to a certain extent. < p > < p > in recent years, there has been no breakthrough in Apple mobile phone market, but it is undeniable that it is still one of the top mobile phones in the market, and it is precisely because of the addition of Apple mobile phone that it has injected vitality into the mobile phone market in China. Many people will find that the appearance of mobile phones in the Chinese market is very similar to that of Apple mobile phones. This is because these enterprises lack the spirit of innovation, and Chinese mobile phones still have a long way to go to replace apple. The emergence of Apple mobile phone has made China’s mobile phone industry aware of the gap between the two. Only when there is pressure can there be impetus. Now China’s mobile phone can make such great progress, it is really thanks to apple. Although the United States deliberately provocative, but China will not be impulsive to block Apple mobile phones, after all, this is a matter of harm to others and not to their own benefit. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine