What will happen if wechat is banned from Apple mobile phone? The user has given the answer: change the machine

Apple mobile phone has a huge user base in China. Some people are used to Apple’s system and think that IOS is smooth and has a good experience. Some people think that the price of Apple mobile phone is expensive and has a good face. According to a survey report, Apple users in China are mainly young women in big cities, followed by students. According to third-party data, 86% of Apple mobile phone users in China are young women, and 91% of them earn less than 3000 yuan a month. < p > < p > if wechat is banned in the United States, Apple may be injured by mistake. Apple mobile phones are not necessary. In recent years, domestic mobile phones have made significant progress, and the system fluency has also been significantly improved. The high-end computers will not be stuck for two or three years. Many Apple users have also recognized this point after changing to domestic mobile phones. If you still think that the Apple phone is irreplaceable, we can only say that some people’s psychological factors are at fault. < / P > < p > unlike Apple products, wechat is a must. According to the data, as of the first quarter of this year, wechat monthly live users have exceeded 1.2 billion. Today, for the Chinese, for the Chinese, they can’t have an Apple phone, but they can’t do without wechat. Wechat has become a bridge of communication between them, and also a link of contact. Without wechat, it means that more information and more opportunities will be lost, making people feel “lonely and empty”. < / P > < p > if you are a businessman, without wechat, you will lose business opportunities and contacts. In fact, wechat is not only used by Chinese and Chinese, but also by foreigners who deal with Chinese people. Not long ago, India banned Chinese applications, and a large number of Indian businessmen who deal with Chinese customers said that they could not even do business – their customers were on wechat, and the transfer of money was also through wechat. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing