What’s the “acceleration secret” of the super fast 50W wireless charging of Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition?

Not long ago, the supreme commemorative version of Xiaomi 10 was officially released. This mobile phone is equipped with 50W wireless second charge, which can charge 4500mAh battery to 100% in 40 minutes. On August 19, @ Xiaomi mobile phone said on its microblog that its 50W wireless second charging speed even surpasses that of many wired charging, and revealed the “secret of acceleration” of the 50W wireless second charging of the top 10 commemorative version of Xiaomi. < / P > < p > the Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition adopts a more efficient 4:2 charging architecture. By optimizing the channel architecture on the charging link, it can reduce the transformation level, reduce energy loss and improve the overall charging efficiency. In addition, the new custom charge pump is adopted in the commemorative version of Xiaomi 10, the conversion efficiency is further improved to more than 98.5%, the charging efficiency is higher, the loss is lower, and the energy loss in the charging process is reduced from the source. < / P > < p > in order to further reduce energy consumption and improve charging efficiency, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition has comprehensively optimized the battery scheme, charging strategy, component selection, charging coil and even wireless seat charging, including the use of a new butterfly double string battery, the addition of a new high conductivity graphene based material to the positive electrode of the battery, the first use of multi-stage progressive current control technology, and the use of five layer battery Nanocrystalline and multi strand winding technology greatly improve the charging speed of 50W wireless second charge. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the top commemorative version of Xiaomi 10 also supports 120W super power wired second charging and up to 10W wireless reverse charging. Together with 50W wireless second charging, it forms the multi scene triple fast charging system of Xiaomi 5g era to meet the diversified charging needs of users. New product launch