What’s the matter with the window and no quota? I’ll teach you how to make a loan. Let’s have a look

Alipay borrow money is a borrower’s favorite tool for borrowing money. With the characteristics of convenient use and quick loan, a lot of fans have been harvested by Bai. However, in the process of using borrowing, some users encounter such a problem: borrowing has a window, but there is no quota. What’s the matter? < / P > < p > not necessarily. Although the invitation is opened by the invitation system, many users can enter the page of their borrowing on their own Alipay. This only means that you have the qualification to check the quota by clicking borrow, not necessarily there will be quota. If you want to check your quota, users need to click on the “consent agreement and apply for the quota”. Users will check your credit records, recent sesame credit scores, Alipay’s usage and background audit before passing the user quota. Recently, some netizens said that borrowing can be upgraded. After the upgrade of borrowing, ant small loan and other financial institutions will jointly lend money. Users can get red packets by upgrading. Upgrade payment to the latest version, which meets users’ upgrade requirements, can be updated on mobile phone Alipay, my loan. That is to say, the upgrade entrance of borrowing service is in the borrowing interface. However, only some users can get the upgrade qualification. However, the upgrade is still in the testing stage, which is not fully open. < / P > < p > similar to borrowing loans, there are also some money spent by Xiaoman finance. The former name of Qianhua is Baidu Qianhua, which is also a big brand, and has the advantages of reliable and low interest rate. The consumption loan for individuals is Manyi loan, which can borrow up to 200000 yuan, and the daily interest rate of the loan is as low as 2 / 10000. In addition, rich spending supports the operation of small and micro enterprises, and most small and micro business owners choose to spend money. < / P > < p > please borrow money reasonably according to your needs. The specific product information is subject to the actual page of Qianghua official app. The purpose of this information is to spread more information. The content of this article is only for reference and learning exchange. It does not constitute any decision suggestions for you. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865