What’s the secret of black holes? If you can cross through it, where do you hope to reach?

Scientists have deduced that from their mass models, they can be a trillion times more than the sun! But this is also a scientific inference. The largest black hole that has been observed and known by human beings is only 100 billion times the mass of the sun. This theoretical value is 10 times larger than it. < / P > < p > therefore, some people wonder: will these monsters really exist in our world and in our universe? If they do exist, what unknown truths and mysteries of the universe will be revealed for us? < / P > < p > every time we think about this topic, countless astronomy enthusiasts are excited and eager to explore what kind of scientific story lies at the other end of the black hole. < / P > < p > this almost unsolvable world problem is once again in front of people! Professor Richard Massey, a researcher at the Royal Society of Durham University, offers his own exclusive understanding: once someone really passes through it, there is almost no possibility of coming back, and the fact that I doubt even more is how anyone who falls into it can avoid the enormous gravitational tear? It will rub you, compress and restore to the most primitive cosmic particles! The answer of < / P > < p > may make people very depressed, helpless and pessimistic! But this is expected. We have known this result from Einstein’s great theory: general relativity. Black hole, originally because of the death of a massive star, left a very dense and extremely large singularity or core, even if its mass is only three times that of our sun, the extremely strong gravitational field will make everything disappear instantly. Up to now, people have never thought that anything can escape from such a strong gravitational field, even light! Everything in the world, in front of it, has only one end – crushed at the singularity! However, this terrible ending does not hinder the optimistic imagination of scientists. And the wormhole theory came into being, and some even speculated that it would be the only way to another universe. After Einstein and Professor Nathan founded the bridge theory of space-time in 1935, to the 1980s, physicist Kip Thorne first boldly assumed that it is possible for an object to cross them! It is also such a science fiction oriented discussion that inspires countless physicists to enter this sacred scientific field, and the Hollywood film production team has repeatedly asked him for professional theoretical advice. This physicist, in his book, < / P > < p > < p > later, he had to admit that crossing, these theoretical time tunnels, is probably only the scene in science fiction, because even now, there is no conclusive evidence that black holes can really cross. < / P > < p > since black holes can’t, what about white holes? There is no lack of bold imagination in the scientific community. The white hole theory was proposed by Russian cosmologist Igor Novikov in 1964. In contrast to black holes, white holes allow light and matter to leave, but not close to them. If the two imagination are linked together, it will become a perfect hypothesis theory! < / P > < p > as physicist Carlo Rowley said in a research paper published in an authoritative journal in 2014, there is a classical metric to satisfy Einstein’s equation outside the finite space-time. In this region, matter collapses into a black hole and then emerges from a white hole. < / P > < p > here, all the material swallowed by the black hole can be ejected! In his theory, the emergence of white holes is precisely because of the death of black holes! Facing this dead time node, the black hole will not only not absorb material, but also stop collapsing and launch a quantum rebound to eject all matter. This theory also quotes Hawking’s description of black holes in 1976: black holes can also emit particles and radiation, even the possibility of thermal energy, which will cause black holes to lose energy, shrink and disappear. In Hawking’s theory, black holes don’t exist forever. However, no matter what theory and knowledge, people still have incomparable enthusiasm and expectation for the space-time shuttle! However, after abandoning all scientific concerns, a very philosophical question is raised: < / P > < p > the past and the future are still some precious memories that have disappeared! You and I will eventually leave this world, even if it is a huge black hole, it seems that can not avoid such an end! Therefore, learning to cherish everything in front of you is perhaps more valuable than expecting such a black hole to appear, don’t you think? Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”