What’s the use of all kinds of lenses on mobile phones? How to calculate the true multi photography

Nowadays, it is too common to use the combination of rear multi camera. It seems that it is a mobile phone without rear multi camera. What’s the use of the rear multi camera combination on your mobile phone? How to choose when buying a machine? Let’s learn about it through the article. < / P > < p > in recent years, mobile phone rear multi camera has almost evolved into a standard configuration. From the 100 yuan machine to the flagship mobile phone, almost every smart phone will be equipped with rear multi camera, which is hard to see. At present, it is very common for mainstream mobile phones to be equipped with rear three cameras. Many mobile phones are also equipped with rear four cameras and even five rear cameras. < / P > < p > the mobile phone adopts the combination of rear multi camera, which is mainly because a single mobile phone camera is easy to reach the bottleneck, and then how to optimize the function that can be achieved is relatively single. Multi camera combination can solve the problem of single application scene of mobile phone photography. Through multi shot combination, each lens can be responsible for different division of labor, and can have the characteristics of different lenses at the same time. Just like the SLR camera with different lenses, the combination of multiple shots is easier to meet the needs of users for more photos and bring more fun for taking photos. < / P > < p > at present, there are great differences in the mainstream mobile phone rear multi camera schemes, but most of them are based on the combination of main camera and super wide angle. In addition, it may be equipped with a telephoto lens or a sub lens with different functions such as portrait, depth of field and macro distance. In short, it can meet the needs of different photographing scenes. If you want to take a clear picture of the distant scenery, you can use the telephoto, If you want to take pictures of the micro world, you can use macro lens, and mobile phone photography becomes more versatile. < / P > < p > ultra wide angle lens can bring a much wider view range than the main camera, can accommodate more scenery, bring more space sense photos, even in some narrow space can also get magnificent photos. For users, it is easy to achieve different creative effects through super wide angle lens. < / P > < p > at present, most mobile phones are equipped with ultra wide angle lens. If you have not used it, you can try to take pictures with it. Different ultra wide angle lens will also have different imaging quality, including imaging quality, range of view, etc. < / P > < p > in addition to the main camera + ultra wide angle, some mobile phones are also equipped with a telephoto lens, through which optical zoom can be realized. The telephoto lens includes ordinary optical zoom lens or periscope telephoto lens. Generally speaking, periscope telephoto lens can achieve higher optical zoom. For example, Huawei P40 PRO + can realize 10 times optical zoom through periscope lens, and even with high magnification zoom, it can ensure the correct image quality. < / P > < p > through the telephoto lens, we can achieve more flexible composition, draw the distant scenery closer, and achieve close-up. While zooming, it can also ensure relatively good film quality. This kind of zoom is of more practical value. The imaging quality of simple digital zoom is often poor, and the meaning of zoom is greatly reduced due to blurring and loss of details. Therefore, a long focus lens can change this state. < / P > < p > some mobile phones will also be equipped with an equivalent 50 mm focal length portrait lens. The equivalent 50 mm focal length is closer to the field of view of the human eye, and the effect of taking a portrait is more natural. For friends who often take portrait photos, a professional portrait lens can bring a better photo taking experience. In addition, optical zoom can also be realized through this portrait lens, which can fill the gap between the main camera and the long focus lens, and ensure that different focus segments can also have excellent imaging quality. < / P > < p > in addition to the various lenses mentioned above, there are more common sub lenses such as macro lens, depth of field lens, TOF lens, etc. Macro lens supports close focus, which can capture the wonderful details of the micro world. Depth of field lens can enhance the virtual effect of the lens. A few mobile phones will also be equipped with a movie lens. For example, Huawei P40 Pro is equipped with a 40 megapixel movie lens, which can improve the video shooting experience. < / P > < p > although it seems that every lens mentioned above has an effect, in fact, the number of mobile phone cameras is not the same as the stronger the ability to take photos. Even if the mobile phone is equipped with rear multi camera, the function of each rear camera and imaging quality should be considered. Although some mobile phones are equipped with rear three or four cameras, it is possible that most of them are just a few shots, and there will not be much improvement in the photo taking experience. < / P > < p > for example, some mobile phones are equipped with low-quality macro or depth of field lenses, and the actual improvement is very limited. As can be seen from the above contrast picture, the overall texture and color details of the low-quality macro lens are not as good as the effect of zooming in after the main shooting. Even if some mobile phones block the depth of field lens, the photo rendering effect is still the same, indicating that this kind of depth of field lens has little effect. < / P > < p > equipped with low-quality sub cameras, even if there are more mobile phones, the lineup looks more luxurious, and it is of little practical use. Even some Shanzhai mobile phones are directly equipped with a decorative camera, without any image function. So when buying a machine, you should choose it rationally, not just because there are many cameras. < / P > < p > the really useful post multi shot is that every lens can play a role, and a lens may even play a variety of purposes. For example, find x2 pro, although there is only a combination of rear three cameras, each camera can play its own functions. The ultra wide angle lens even takes into account the macro shooting, and the macro shooting image quality is guaranteed. Similar mobile phones such as Huawei P40 pro and Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative version are available. In general, every camera in the rear of the flagship mobile phone can be implemented, which can improve the daily photo taking experience. < / P > < p > when purchasing a mobile phone, don’t only care about the number of rear cameras, but more importantly, pay attention to what kind of photo taking function and effect the camera combination can bring, and whether it can meet your own needs. < / P > < p > for users, the final photo experience is the most important. It’s not that the more the number, the better. Although some mobile phones are equipped with multiple cameras, if the auxiliary cameras are just a few cameras, the overall photography experience will not be improved. When you buy a mobile phone, you should choose rationally. Only when each camera can use the real rear multi camera, can we bring obvious experience improvement. At the same time, in the purchase, it is good to meet their own needs for taking photos, and it is not necessary to excessively pursue the number of rear cameras. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?