When red Qitian expands the VR layout of “to B” and “to G”, it has won 8 landmark projects in half a year

For VR industry, 5g is an opportunity to be expected. According to the report released by iResearch in May, 5g application will greatly improve the clarity, fluency and interactivity of VR experience.

for VR industry, after experiencing rapid explosion, shuffling and integration, the development speed of VR industry tends to be stable. Before 5g is widely used, how to find the right business model has become the core proposition of VR company.

in the five years since entering the VR field, the answer to this question is “focus more on the business of to B and to G”.

established in 2015, danghong Qitian group is a culture and technology company integrating “XR content production + digital operation overall solution and product landing”, and its culture, technology and entertainment brand is called “soreal”.

the first landing business of popular Qitian “soreal” is an offline comprehensive VR experience hall covering an area of 5000 square meters, named soreal super body space, which is located on the B2 floor of new Yansha in Wangfujing, Beijing. According to the team, soreal includes the world’s first large space of 700 square meters for multi person VR walking experience, the world’s first VR cinema landing, VR E-sports experience in the finals of the two Intel IMC masters challenge, VR Museum Series content experience, digital sports and other formats.

Qi Xiao, the founder and CEO of the group, told 36 krypton: “soreal has been operating for four years, accumulating complete data and experience for the operation of offline VR large-scale amusement park. We have also been iterating over the ERP and CRM systems of VR paradise, which has laid the foundation for the profitability and output of offline VR paradise.”

from the perspective of industrial development stage, the arrival of TOC market still needs to wait for some time, but Qi Xiao believes that the speed of technological iterative development is always faster than expected. In the first stage, the company’s strategy is to B and to g, and in the next stage, C-end will be deployed.

after five years of iteration, from the business level, the popular to B and to g business is divided into eight parts:

large scale customized VR comprehensive park: a customized integrated indoor science and technology park with local cultural characteristics built around local cultural IP by taking VR technology as the main means of implementation, combining with other immersion technologies, and matching with catering and entertainment formats. Qi Xiao told 36 krypton that Qitian had won several major projects in 2020: “the soreal 5g VR Park of Shougang’s No.1 blast furnace is under construction and is expected to be completed in 2021. It will be officially opened before the opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games The VR park is under construction and is expected to open in May next year. It is the first Chinese VR enterprise in the world to operate inside the Disneyland and deeply bind its brand with Disney. The 5g VR park with “snail IP” parent-child theme in yaobu, Liuzhou, is expected to be put into trial operation in October this year, and other projects are still being implemented step by step. ” Virtual reality “red theme” Party Building Series experience: Party building education platform built by VR / Ar / hypermedia technology. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of China’s party next year, danghong Qitian group will create a series of “red theme” party building contributions. Select the national patriotism education demonstration base for 360 degree panoramic data collection, and use virtual reality technology to reproduce red characters, red stories and other contents. VR sports E-sports: VR sports is different from the traditional e-sports, is a new immersive virtual reality competitive game extended under the current 5g commercial environment. Using the core technology of danghong Qitian group’s VR large space PVP, we cooperated with Intel in VR e-sports, held two IMC Intel master challenges, and landed in soreal Chengdu VR E-sports hall. Olympic experience center: “we cooperate with Intel and the International Olympic Organizing Committee to jointly develop and promote VR / AR technology and application based on 5g around the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Virtual reality Museum: working with museums. “In addition to restoring the original history with VR technology, we will also have our own complete story line.” “The partners include the Hunan Provincial Museum, the China Pavilion of the World Expo, and the Pingyao science and Technology Museum, which was built in cooperation with the Pingyao County government this year,” Qi said Large scale science and technology show: combining science and technology with China’s intangible cultural heritage, using the new concept of culture + people + science and technology to create a deep interaction between multimedia images and stage machinery, so that the audience can live in the scene. Customized 3D light show: different from traditional lighting show, it combines technology with local culture and art, and uses 3D building projection and 3D stereo photoelectric technology to accurately cover the show. “For example, the large-scale lighting show for Pingyao has surpassed the highest 8K resolution in the current performance market, achieving 13500 points, and covering the walls of yingxumen gate in Pingyao Qi said with a smile. 5g + XR: technology layout around 5g + XR, establish cooperation with Intel, Microsoft and Lenovo in the field of XR / 5G / AI. At present, the company has dozens of invention patents in VR field, and has established 5g laboratory. The R & D direction includes 5g edge computing, 5g cloud platform, VR interaction, etc. The results of the project will be directly applied to various experience scenarios of soreal in the future, and users will experience the immersive experience in the movie in the offline experience store. Qi Xiao told 36 krypton that Qitian began to work out the project direction in 2018, gradually started construction and landing in 2019, and began to make systematic output in 2020. “You can understand that in the past few years, we have completed a series of internal skills in technology, content, brand and operation, and then we can do light output according to the rules of existing projects.”

and the next three years will be a year when 5g will be launched on a large scale. The commercialization of 5g means that the hardware iteration will rise to a higher level, “for example, the clarity is at least 8K”, and VR hardware will be more popular. Based on the popularity of hardware, the content of to C will be the mainstream consumption scene in the market, so Qitian has started the preparation of C terminal.

Author: zmhuaxia