When Tencent PCG technology reform is in progress, Ying Xiaohu, vice president of didi travel, will join in

Jia Xiaohu, vice president of didi travel and head of technology ecology and development department, has left didi recently. He will join Tencent platform and content business group as vice president, responsible for search algorithm and data business. A didi person said that the Ministry of science and technology ecology and development is mainly responsible for scientific research cooperation, personnel training and academic exchanges. From being directly responsible for the core business of online car Hailing to cooperating with docking academic circles, Xiao Hu’s authority has changed from real to virtual. Ying Xiaohu graduated from Tsinghua University and Princeton University successively, and he is recognized as a “technical bull” in the circle. Jia Xiaohu joined Google in 2003 and was a core developer of Adwords, the main source of Google’s early revenue. He was also with the development team at that time, as well as Huang Zheng, the founder of pinduoduo. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list