When the charger is not charging, will it consume power when it is plugged into the socket?

From the point of view of physics, the charger has the function of changing voltage. The transformer is used to convert the high voltage into the low voltage, and then it is transmitted to the electrical appliances. The principle of the charger is magnetic field induction, and there are two parallel coils inside. < / P > < p > when one of the coils is connected to the power supply, the magnetic field will be generated when the current passes through, and then the direct current with different voltages will be generated. So, as long as you don’t pull out the charger, there will be a coil working all the time, which consumes power. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the chargers that do not pull out from the socket and are not connected to the electrical appliances are in the “no-load” state. Since there is also current passing through during no-load, the charger will consume power. < p > < p > based on the charger’s no-load power of 0.05W, that is, it only consumes one degree of power after 20000 hours of no-load operation. If you only see a charger, it must be small. But saving energy is everyone’s bounden duty. < / P > < p > if the charger is not pulled out, it is not only a waste of electricity, but also a hidden danger. If the charger is not pulled out for a long time, the charger will be aging and heating, and the insulation layer of the coil will be melted, which may cause short circuit, fire, explosion, accidental electric shock and other accidents. < / P > < p > poor quality chargers have poor materials. In the long-term power on state, its internal components will be faster than the original aging speed, which may lead to electrolytic capacitor explosion. If there are inflammables near the charger, it is likely to cause a fire. < / P > < p > because of the demand for intelligence, many software in the mobile phone will reside in the memory. Such as commonly used input method, alarm clock, security software and so on. QQ, wechat and other commonly used mobile phones also need to be turned off before exiting the memory, otherwise, they will definitely consume power when they are running all the time. < / P > < p > you don’t know anything about it, but it is installed in your mobile phone and consumes your power, memory and even traffic for years, such as some mobile phone management software or Trojan horse and virus programs. These programs are the big consumers of your phone. < / P > < p > WiFi is never turned off, which is also one of the reasons for the fast battery consumption. Because in the environment without WiFi, if WiFi is not turned off, the mobile phone will repeatedly search for WiFi, which consumes power. Also, forget to turn off WiFi when you turn on data traffic. Both of these situations can lead to power loss like running water. < / P > < p > do you know that this kind of behavior is a waste of electricity? To properly reduce the slide screen, unlock, reduce power consumption Oh! < / P > < p > mobile phones consume power fast. There is also a big reason that the battery life of the mobile phone is not good. The bad habit of playing with the mobile phone while charging needs to be changed. The game applications that consume the most power are often game applications. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing