When the United States relaxes Huawei’s ban again, the Pentagon service providers still have to use Huawei

Huawei is still struggling to survive. Although Yu Chengdong, the president of consumer business, who is known as “Yu big mouth” in the industry, has left an obvious sense of helplessness at the 100 person summit. But Huawei has not completely yielded. < / P > < p > this “brave persistence” comes from Huawei’s confidence in its own technology, products and brand influence. Why does the United States attack Huawei because Huawei’s mobile phone sales exceed Apple’s? Certainly not. Capital countries earn their own capital. The fundamental reason is that Huawei’s 5g technology is too strong, and Kirin chips on mobile phones are gradually catching up with American enterprises. The United States, which has always regarded itself as a technological overlord, must not tolerate such transcendence. Therefore, US President trump suppressed Huawei for “threatening national security”. < p > < p > since last year, according to media reports, Huawei has been completely banned in the mobile phone market and communication market in the United States, requiring all domestic large and medium-sized operators not to use equipment from Huawei or using Huawei Technology. This is not enough. The United States is exerting its long arm jurisdiction, and trump is willing to come forward in person. < / P > < p > requires all countries that have established an alliance with the United States to give up cooperation with Huawei and not use Huawei’s “unsafe equipment”. Huawei resisted all these things with extraordinary tenacity, and the United States saw little effect, so it launched a ban on Huawei’s chips, restricting foreign enterprises using American technology to cooperate with Huawei without permission. < / P > < p > this directly led to the power failure of TSMC, Huawei’s most important chip manufacturing partner. Huawei still expressed its confidence to find a solution to this problem. Recently, it has been repeatedly disclosed that Huawei has begun to lay out the chip manufacturing field in China and comprehensively enter the photolithography machine, so that Hisense semiconductor can change to IDM mode. < / P > < p > when Huawei is developing in full swing in the predicament, American enterprises that have business relations with Huawei have suffered serious losses, and the reduction of revenue makes every American company feel very headache. Especially in the current situation of bad environment this year, it is particularly important for us enterprises to obtain more cooperation. < / P > < p > previously, foreign media reported that trump asked government service providers not to purchase Huawei products or services after August 13. However, it was unexpected that this decree, which should have taken effect on August 13, was changed at key nodes. According to news from the media, John Ratcliffe, director of the National Intelligence Agency of the United States, has granted temporary immunity to Pentagon service providers on the grounds of national security interests to continue to use products from Huawei, and will further evaluate the broader exemption requests put forward by the Department of defense. In order to allow the Pentagon and trump to continue to use other equipment manufactured by the U.S. < / P >, the Pentagon and the U.S. Ministry of Defense said they would continue to use other equipment manufactured by China. At the same time, it also extended the deadline to September 30 for contractors doing business with the U.S. Department of defense. In spite of all the calculations, trump still failed to get the U.S. institutions out of Huawei. This time, especially with the problems of the Pentagon and the US Department of defense, trump has no way to deal with this situation and can only make a temporary exemption decision again. In fact, the U.S. government itself knows how important Huawei’s technology is. Banning Huawei can only make the United States enjoy a temporary pleasure. In the long run, it is not worth the loss. < p > < p > after all, Huawei is the new overlord in 5g communication field. China, which once derailed 3G and caught up with 4G, is now leading the world in 5g technology turning point. It has even been exposed that Huawei 6G has already begun to develop. < p > < p > in terms of 5g patents, Huawei has the largest number of 5g patents in the world, and none of the top communication companies is from the United States. It is precisely because of the large number of 5g patents that Huawei plays an important role in the development of 5g network international standards. < p > < p > What’s more, Huawei has not forced us companies to pay for relevant patents so far. Once the patent stick is launched, many American enterprises will surely bear greater losses. However, capitalists will be red eyed, which is very unfavorable for trump, who is eager to obtain more support. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list