When these ninjas meet the beauty camera, I love Luo to grow eyebrows, and Sakura’s figure gets better

Naruto as Japan’s hot blooded animation, although already finished, but the topic heat is not less than that of the year. Moreover, in Naruto, there are visible handsome men and beautiful women everywhere. However, those ninjas in the fire shadow who are not looked good at are really & quot; hopeless & quot? Today, let’s have a look at what kind of visual feast these ninjas will bring us when they meet the beautiful camera! < / P > < p > speaking of Xiao organization, although it is the largest rebellious organization in the tolerance world, its appearance is still online, such as the weasel God, Didala, scorpion, etc. As a result, there is no comparison, there is no harm, ghost shark in the Xiao organization is not really handsome! < p > < p > although there is a handsome boy color: dark blue long hair, golden pupil, but the ghost shark’s face is very similar to the shark, even Naruto call the ghost shark & quot; shark guy & quot;, so the shark’s cheek on the ghost shark’s face is not what a handsome man should have, but also looks old! Of course, the strength of the ghostly mackerel with the title of tailless tailless is online, so let’s take the beauty camera and let’s make the gills disappear and the eyes bigger! In this way, the ghost shark is really handsome! < / P > < p > mentioning the moonlight breeze, you will think of the love story between him and the sunset of maoyue. Moreover, Xiyan is similar to that of daishida. In this way, gusty really needs to improve his appearance! As a member of the dark part of the wood leaves and the elite, Shangren is more energetic and energetic than maitekai every day. The strong wind in the moonlight is really flabby at ordinary times, as if he has not been awake, and he still wears a pair of dark circles under his eyes every day. Why can’t you get rid of the dark circles and become a spiritual boy? If you can’t do it by yourself, you can give it to Meiyan camera! Make sure the sunset will be very satisfied! < p > < p > when I took the exam in the early stage of the fire shadow, I loved Luo Zhen a little bit. I was a good child, and I was full of thoughts about killing and killing! However, this is not the reason why I love Luo alone. Fortunately, under Naruto’s influence and empathy, I love Luo out of the shadow of his childhood. Good, good! Later, I love Luo you to take over the position of Fengying. I really have a model! However, I love Luo Shuai is handsome, how can I always feel strange? < / P > < p > Oh, my God! I love Luo has no eyebrows! You know, eyebrows are the places that can add temperament to a person’s voice. For example, picking up eyebrows can make your eyes look deep, straight eyebrows look gentle and warm, sword eyebrows give people a cold and handsome feeling, and even thick eyebrows like Xiao Li, etc., so, which eyebrow shape does I love Luo fit? Or the most boys like the sword eyebrow! Beauty camera, I love Luo arrangement! < / P > < p > do you think Tuan Zang in his youth is very similar to the three generations of Mu Huoying, ape flying and sun chopping in his youth? There are two & quot;? & quot; shaped scars on tuangzang’s chin, so it really affects the appearance of tuangzang. Although Tuan Zang was really unhappy, he distorted and inherited the prejudice of the second generation Mu Huoying against the yuzhibo people, and even later took advantage of the danger of the gang leader as Huoying. Finally, he was caught by Sasuke and ended his life ahead of time without a complete experience? However, Tuan Zang can really be called a hero of the generation. As the saying goes, “poor people must have something to hate”. Maybe this sentence will still be the same — & quot; hateful people must have pitiful places & quot; Tuan Zang takes too much care of the leaves, even to the point that they are possessed by demons He did not hesitate to destroy so many yuzhibo people’s lives. The right arm of the wheel eye was really startled! Well, the old man is dead, let alone those sins. However, if you don’t have any scars on your face, your appearance will definitely be very anti-wear! So, beauty camera, this also arranges on! < / P > < p > Sakura’s face is still very interesting! It’s just that the figure is compared with the rudimentary field. It’s really like a child who hasn’t developed well. Well, no matter big or small, they are very beautiful! However, it is obvious that Xiao Ying doesn’t think so. Look at the diehard well field, and then look at Xiaoying. It seems that we can understand why when we take a bath with Daisy, she will make the sound of grinding teeth < / P > < p > no way, it’s a genetic decision! However, if Sakura you really want to see their perfect figure, here would like you to recommend a beauty camera, all kinds of brands have Oh! Make sure that you are not tired of shooting for a long time! Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer