When TSMC’s words come true, Huawei has no choice but to accept the reality, and Kirin 9000 has become a “swan song”

Huawei, as the “handlebar” of domestic mobile phones and even the world’s mobile phone industry, has not been a short time in making mobile phones. Although it mainly did OEM machines for operators before, it also gave Huawei some experience to a certain extent. With Huawei’s official decision to give up the development of low-end OEM machines, Huawei has also ushered in its own “high light moment” in the mobile phone industry, and even returned to Google mobile phone OEM, which shows the relationship between the two sides and Huawei’s strength in the mobile phone industry. < / P > < p > it seems that Huawei has only been in a few years, but in these years, it has concentrated a lot of technology accumulation in self-developed technology. However, under the pressure of Huawei’s instincts, especially in the United States, Huawei’s development has been hit by the sudden pressure. < / P > < p > as the core competitiveness of Huawei’s mobile phone business, Hisilicon has been well known by the public consumers. In this era when the market is full of high-tech chips and MediaTek chips, the emergence of Hisilicon is unique, and it is also a pride of the domestic technology industry. As soon as Hisilicon was launched, it was supported and warmly welcomed by domestic consumers. Even though there were some “unfriendly” voices in it, Huawei still survived and hit those people in the face. Recently, Huawei also said at the conference that the mate40 series will be launched in September, which should be good news for consumers, but Yu Chengdong’s words later did not make many people happy. The mate 40 will carry the latest Kirin 9000 chip, but it may also be Huawei’s last high-end chip, Yu said. In other words, Kirin 9000 chip has become the “masterpiece” of Huawei Hisilicon high-end series, and there is no follow-up version in the future. Although TSMC has been trying to apply for orders for Huawei to continue supply, it has not received any response to resume supply. Therefore, it is exactly what was said to TSMC at the beginning that Huawei will be officially cut off from power supply on September 15, and TSMC’s words have become a reality. Since then, Huawei has not been able to obtain cooperation in the production of high-end chips in TSMC’s hands. Therefore, the road of high-end chips of Huawei Hisilicon has come to an end temporarily, and Huawei has no choice but to accept this reality. < p > < p > Huawei only designs chips, not manufactures chips. Although Yu Chengdong’s words said the root cause, but also let many consumers slightly sad. Why should Huawei be responsible for the design and manufacture of chips? Why are so many domestic semiconductor enterprises failing to achieve their due achievements in this respect? Do you really regard Huawei as the second Samsung? From the chip raw materials, design, manufacturing to the final production, should Huawei take full responsibility? This is a little too difficult for an enterprise. < p > < p > If Huawei wants to achieve its due achievements and breakthroughs, it needs to build its own ecological environment in terms of systems, chips, cloud services, etc. In the chip aspect, from the raw materials to the final chip packaging, domestic enterprises should achieve a breakthrough. Although these problems are “tough bones”, I believe that as long as domestic enterprises make up their minds, they will be able to make breakthroughs in the future, as long as they have firm confidence. < p > < p > < p > talking about the Heisi Qilin of Huawei. In my opinion, this news does not mean that Huawei’s Hisilicon series has disappeared. According to Yu Chengdong’s original words, Yu Chengdong is talking about the “out of print” of high-end chips of Hisilicon, that is to say, Huawei may have other solutions and achievements in the low-end and medium-end in the future. So in the future, I believe that we can see the figure of Hisilicon, but it will meet us in another way. When the time is right, the high-end chip of Hisilicon will come back to our sight. Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”