When users don’t dare to do it? Let apple down! The first shot against “Apple tax” has been fired!

In the high-end smartphone market, although Apple’s iPhone has no 5g function, a large number of users can’t put it down because of its smooth use experience, safe operating system, closed app store mall, and Apple’s unique information notification system. Cook has pushed iPhone sales to new heights again and again with the mode of price reduction marketing, which also makes Apple make a lot of money in the process of iterative updating of mobile phones. However, in addition to 5g, there is a drawback that users criticize. This is Apple’s “rogue” clause, also known as “Apple tax”! < / P > < p > the so-called “Apple tax” means that when users make virtual payment, Apple will deduct 30% of the cost from the fee, and the cost eventually falls on consumers. For example, when a video platform opens VIP, the original price is 10 yuan per month, while Apple users need to spend 3 yuan more, and the 3 yuan eventually falls into Apple’s pocket. Only the apple that provides the platform lies in the middle to earn the difference.

official account for the “Apple tax” problem, developers have already had a counterattack against Apple tax, for example, the large streaming service provider Spotify in 2019, WeChat this year, in a “silent” way, opposed Apple’s tax on Apple users, and canceled the charging interface of WeChat public number which should have been. WeChat official account, WeChat small program and other applications generated revenue, and apple developers who are worried about being blacklisted by apple, finally chose “default” or “win-win cooperation” for Apple tax. < / P > < p > I thought that these developers and users would not dare to do so. Now a message came and let apple down! On August 13, an Apple Developer launched an epic war against apple! The user is Epic Games, the developer of the game. The monthly active users of the game are as high as 350 million worldwide, and the research institute sensor According to tower’s data, the revenue of the game in Apple mall has reached as high as 1.2 billion US dollars. As an intermediary, apple mall has made hundreds of millions of dollars from users by relying on this game. Moreover, due to the global epidemic situation, this is the period when all games have the most downloads. < / P > < p > in order to avoid the “Apple tax”, Epic Games adjusted the recharge window of the game. As long as the player can skip the app store and directly choose to recharge to Epic Games, he can get 20% in-game currency discount. However, this practice has met Apple’s “bottom line”. According to the policy of Apple mall, the company was taken off the shelves by Apple! Subsequently, Epic Games launched a 60 page “complaint” and hired the head of the antitrust Department of the former U.S. Department of justice and a famous lawyer to file a lawsuit against apple for its monopoly behavior. < / P > < p > you think that’s it? On August 14, in order to completely defeat Apple’s “ecological moat” – Apple tax, Epic Games released a promotional video in the official press, imitating Apple’s advertisement accusing IBM of monopoly, claiming that it was fighting for “app store monopoly”. Apple’s measures against IBM are now being used by others. < / P > < p > in 2019, Apple’s app store has a revenue of 519 billion US dollars, as high as 3.6 trillion yuan. If Apple looses its grip, the losses to Apple can be imagined. At the antitrust committee meeting on July 29, Cook said that Apple had no anti competitive behavior and would not make any concession on the issue of fact! < / P > < p > in view of Apple’s unique “Apple tax”, many netizens hold different views. Just like you open a small shop in a big shopping mall, apple provides a platform for sellers to extract 30% commission from it. This is a reasonable behavior. Because Apple charges the 30% fee, it can strictly control the entire app Store security, to avoid piracy rampant, let developers become victims, let users become victims. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing