When you buy a mobile phone, what should you pay attention to?

Different brands of mobile phones have their own characteristics, even the flagship mobile phone of a certain brand can not be perfect. For example, although Apple mobile phone has better fluency, its performance in signal aspect is not satisfactory; Huawei mobile phone has stronger application functions such as signal and photo taking, but its game performance is weaker than that of Apple mobile phone. So, what do we need to pay attention to when buying mobile phones? Is it the price and performance of the product, or with the help of shopping guide and sales promotion, it is up to the mind to decide? < / P > < p > since there is no perfect mobile phone, the final decision to purchase can only be based on your needs. If you need a mobile phone with strong game performance and smooth operation without jamming, you are suggested to choose apple mobile phone as your first choice; if you want to buy a mobile phone with a sharp camera and signal always on line, Huawei mobile phone becomes the first choice; if you don’t like the game very much, and you don’t like photography, you usually spend more time browsing the web and watching videos The screen with higher quality becomes the first choice, and Samsung mobile phone is more suitable; if you pursue cost performance ratio, the performance of the same price is the strongest, and the price of the same performance is the best, Xiaomi mobile phone is more suitable. < p > < p > the rapid rise of Huawei’s mobile phones stems from its emphasis on technology, which has seized a certain market share through technological innovation, and its brand building. For example, Huawei Kirin processor is currently the only commercial mobile terminal processor chip in China. Using Huawei mobile phones can increase users’ sense of national pride. In the face of the crackdown from the United States, some enterprises even encourage employees to use Huawei mobile phones and enjoy half price discount when buying them. < / P > < p > of course, it’s not all about buying Huawei mobile phones. Which mobile phone brand to buy, in addition to personal favorite, can be combined with the people around you for reference. After all, mobile phones are also electronic products, and no manufacturer can guarantee that their products are 100% free of problems, so after-sales becomes more important. Samsung mobile phone is the most typical negative teaching material! Once upon a time, Samsung mobile phone sales in China can outshine others. However, it is precisely because of its arrogant attitude that Samsung mobile phone experienced Waterloo in China. Everyone is familiar with Samsung’s “exploding door” incident. After the product problems, Samsung did not start to solve the problems, instead, it repeatedly pushed back, and even adopted different normality in different regions, which eventually angered Chinese consumers. In recent years, the sales of Samsung mobile phones in China can be ignored, the importance of after-sales service! Comparatively speaking, the after-sales service of domestic mobile phones is much higher than that of foreign brands. < / P > < p > of course, the most important question is your wallet! The thickness of your wallet determines your confidence in buying a machine. Is it money and willful or spending it on the edge? What do you think is the most important thing to buy a mobile phone? Welcome to leave a message to discuss, like a little attention. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”