Where are the barriers to human science and technology? If the barriers are not broken, humans may not be able to walk out of the galaxy

With the continuous improvement of human science and technology, some things around us are getting bigger and bigger, such as buildings, and some are getting smaller and smaller, such as computers. Since 1960, the computing power of computers has increased exponentially, while the size of computers has become smaller and smaller. But today, this change has become more and more slow, and will soon reach the limit of human physics and technology – the size of computer components is gradually approaching the size of atoms. So we must pay attention to a question that may be coming soon: where are the technical barriers of human beings? The most important part of a computer is a chip, and the most important part of a chip is a logic gate, which is made up of transistors. The transistor is the basic unit that enables a computer to process data, like a switch that allows or blocks the passage of signals. The data composed of these signals is called bits. For a bit, it can be changed to 0 or 1, or it can be made to look more complex by “every two into one”. Although transistors are used to form logic gates, their work is still very simple. For example, in the “and” logic gate, when only two input signals are 1, the output is 0 at the rest of the time, and then combining the logic gates is more similar to adding two numbers. Since the values can be added, they can also be multiplied. When their number reaches a certain scale, even the scale of the universe can be calculated. However, as the volume of the basic elements becomes smaller and smaller, the characteristics of these elements have changed significantly due to the principles of quantum physics. In short, a transistor is a small switch that, at the microscopic level of current, can block electrons in motion. Now the size of an ordinary transistor can reach below 14 nanometers, which is 500 times smaller than the human red blood cells. At this size, sometimes an electron passes directly through a closed transistor, ignoring the barrier. This phenomenon is called quantum tunneling. < / P > < p > in quantum size, many physical phenomena are particularly abnormal, so computers based on traditional physics can’t work normally, which is also the real “physical barrier” we encounter, which hinders the continuous development of human science and technology. In order to solve this problem, scientists are trying to discover more characteristics of quantum physics, which can be used to build quantum computers. If a bit has only two states of 0 or 1, then there may be multiple states of a qubit, also known as quantum superposition state. Only 20 qubits can represent millions of different combinations. Another characteristic of qubits is that they can be entangled, which can be explained by the fact that changes in one qubit are immediately reflected in another associated qubit. Such reactions ignore distance. It also means that the quantum computer may be one of the keys to the universe, because it will solve the biggest problem of information transmission. The most direct performance is: in millions of light-years away instant messaging, such transmission efficiency is incomparable to ordinary computers. Therefore, even though quantum computers perform generally in some aspects, they still have unique advantages, such as retrieval efficiency. If the ordinary computer needs to search the database for a day, then quantum computers can shorten this time to 0.1 seconds. With quantum computer, we can also use it to simulate quantum phenomena, and even to simulate the characteristics of human protein, and bring about new changes. However, at present, if we can’t develop a quantum computer, we may not even be able to get out of the Milky way. But even though the key to the deep universe may be hidden behind the quantum computer, there is no way for human beings to develop quantum computers, because so far we have not found any way to develop quantum computers. Of course, the time when this barrier was broken may be in the future of a century or tomorrow. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine